Audrey Tautou: Hollywood System Too Tough on Women's Beauty

Audrey Tautou: Hollywood System Too Tough on Women's Beauty

French star Audrey Tautou of Amelie fame is as lovely as any actress no matter what country she may call home. Yet Tautou isn’t obsessed with Hollywood-style fame for a simple reason–no actress is beautiful enough for the industry’s current system.

Tautou shared her ambivalence toward Tinsel Town as well as why she won’t be moving to America anytime soon in a new interview.

People staring at every single millimetre of your body and what you wear, it is a huge pressure. Some people are happy with that, but me, non.

Tautou, whose most recognizable U.S. role came with The Da Vinci Code, also said becoming more entrenched in the Hollywood system would mean severing personal ties that she refuses to do.

If you want to build a career in Hollywood, that is different. You have to move there. And for a French person like me… I would have to be away from my friends and family.

“Cinema is my passion. I admire American directors and love American movies. But my life is also something which is very important, and my ambition is not big enough.