White House Retweets Leonard Nimoy's Pro-Amnesty Message

White House Retweets Leonard Nimoy's Pro-Amnesty Message

Leonard Nimoy wants illegal immigrants to live long and prosper as U.S. citizens, and the White House couldn’t be happier.

The passage of comprehensive immigration reform, an effort pushed by President Barack Obama, may be politically doomed. But the famed Star Trek actor is all for it, and the White House is echoing his thoughts as part of an effort to rally last-minute support for the pending legislation. The actor’s recent tweet on the matter needs no explanation.

Creating a path for immigrants to become taxpayers is logical. LLAP

The official White House Twitter account quickly noticed the message and retweeted it.

Note: Nimoy, who played Spock on the 1960s sci-fi saga and numerous feature films, often ends his tweets with LLAP. “Live long and prosper” is his Star Trek character’s iconic line.