Nicolas Cage: Violent Movies Don't Inspire Violent Acts

Nicolas Cage: Violent Movies Don't Inspire Violent Acts

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to action movies.

While Cage forged his early career with films like Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas, his recent resume is chockablock with action. Think National Treasure, Drive Angry and the Ghost Rider franchise.

Cage was asked about the potential connection between violent movies and real-life violence, and the actor said he doesn’t see a tie between the two.

When ‘A Clockwork Orange’ came out there was that whole thing with hooligans and Stanley Kubrick pulled the movie,” Cage added. “I believe in freedom of speech and I’ll still rather live in a world where ‘A Clockwork Orange’ exists then it doesn’t. I feel horrible about the gun violence and I feel it inside. I don’t think movies are the reason why this violence exists, I think it’s going to happen whether movies are there or not.

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