Lena Dunham Slams Weiner's Subjugation of Women but Swoons Over Bill Clinton

Lena Dunham Slams Weiner's Subjugation of Women but Swoons Over Bill Clinton

Uber-feminist Lena Dunham has had enough of Anthony Weiner’s sexual high jinks, yet she still carries an ideological torch for former President Bill Clinton.

The star and creator of HBO’s Girls sent out a series of critical tweets after hearing of Weiner’s latest sexting scandal.

Analyzing a chat that Weiner allegedly had online, the actress tweeted on Tuesday: “In Weiner’s latest text exchange the girl in question says ‘I can’t believe someone like you would pay attention to someone like me…It’s literally a dream come true.’ This cuts to the heart of the abuse of power that is the substance of so many sex scandals.”

“The problem isn’t adultery, or perversity,” Dunham wrote. “It’s wielding your position of authority to subjugate the women who dream of a piece of the pie.

Kudos for Dunham for not brushing the matter aside even though Weiner shares her progressive agenda. Yet Dunham seems to hold a certain ex-President to a different standard.

Consider her behavior at the 2013 Golden Globes Awards, an event where Clinton made a surprise appearance to introduce the film Lincoln. Twitchy captured Dunham’s reaction to Clinton, detailing how social media users mocked her fangirl swooning.

We all know Clinton’s complicated history with women, but that doesn’t seem to matter to a modern-day feminist like Dunham.

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