Roman Polanksi's Rape Victim Pens Tell-All Book

Roman Polanksi's Rape Victim Pens Tell-All Book

Samantha Geimer has been understandably reluctant to relive being drugged and raped by director Roman Polanski back in 1977. She was 13 years old at the time.

Even as the case repeatedly resurfaced in the news, Geimer preferred to say little on the subject.

That changes this September.

The Girl, Geimer’s memoir of a life shattered by rape, is scheduled to hit book stores this fall.

Publisher Atria promises that The Girl “will give readers insight into many dimensions of the story that have never been previously revealed.” In announcing the book in 2012, Geimer said, “I am more than a ‘Sex Victim Girl’ [and] I offer my story now without rage, but with purpose — to  share a tale that will reclaim my identity.”

Subtitled, A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski, the book’s cover features a portrait of the author taken by Polanski himself weeks before he raped her. The photograph was obtained in recent years by the author as part of a civil suit filed against Polanski.

The famed director fled the country rather than face potential punishment for his deeds, and he continues to live and work outside the U.S. with the cooperation of the Hollywood system.

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