Jay Leno Slams Ineffective Obama Before 'Tonight Show' Interview

Jay Leno Slams Ineffective Obama Before 'Tonight Show' Interview

As expected, The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno conducted a probing, but fair, interview with President Barack Obama Tuesday night.

What Obama might not have foreseen, though, was a haymaker of a punchline Leno uncorked in his monologue moments before the embattled president graced the stage.

President Obama has sent Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to Cairo to help solve the political problems that brought the Egyptian government to a halt. I got an idea. How about solving the problems that brought our government to a halt.

The duo’s eventual chat touched on a number of serious subjects, from America’s strained relations with Russia to Edward Snowden. Leno even graciously set up Obama to discuss his “bromance” with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), obviously an exchange hammered out during the pre-interview process.

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