Desperation? Robin Williams' Sitcom Peddles Sex in First Episode

Desperation? Robin Williams' Sitcom Peddles Sex in First Episode

Had Robin Williams returned to television a decade ago it would have seemed like a coup for the network in question.

Now, given Williams’ weak box office history and a sexual subplot in his new show’s first episode, all bets may be off.

Here’s a breakdown of The Crazy Ones’ premiere installment, the CBS comedy which lured Williams back to the small screen:

The pilot for “The Crazy Ones” has a plot line involving burger behemoth McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), a Burnett client that has gone along for the ride with “The Crazy Ones.” In the debut episode Robin Williams decides to update an iconic McDonald’s TV spot and convinces singer Kelly Clarkson to do a song for the new spot. She agrees to, but only if she can update her image and sing a song about sex. Yea, McDonald’s and sex. What a combo.

Williams became a household name thanks to his starring role on ABC’s Mork & Mindy, and followed it up with quality turns in The World According to Garp, Good Morning, Vietnam and Good Will Hunting. In recent years, he’s delivered duds like Happy Feet Two, License to Wed and The Big Wedding. wonders if Williams dinged his own brand too much in recent years to make The Crazy Ones a hit.

Yes, he’s hurt his reputation with some painfully cloying family films. But he has an Oscar for a reason. The question is whether viewers will see his weekly presence on David E. Kelley’s “The Crazy Ones” as a gift, or a waste of his talents.