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Jon Stewart Mocks Team Obama's Foreign Policy Bumbles, Shattered Promises

Jon Stewart Mocks Team Obama's Foreign Policy Bumbles, Shattered Promises


Jon Stewart may have taken the summer off from his Comedy Central gig on The Daily Show, but apparently he was keeping up on the president’s string of broken promises.

This week, Stewart laced into President Barack Obama for his Syria policy, but what’s most notable about the comedy assault is how the host nails a factor the mainstream press can’t be bothered to chase–the string of broken promises Obama casually leaves in his wake.

Stewart played a clip of Obama during the 2012 presidential election campaign where he described a “red line” in Syria should the country use chemical weapons.

“That … that turns out to be the campaign promise Obama’s decided to keep,” Stewart says.

The host moved on to the comical misadventures of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, whose clumsy speaking actually helped the world avoid war–for now.

“What kind of Magoo-esque accidental genius could bumble fuck their way into diplomatic success? It’s John Kerry to the rescue!”

The rest of the segment attacks Fox News for reporting on the imbroglio, one which few would disagree handed the reigns of power to Russia. Even Stewart is chortling his way through the comedy of errors put on by the Obama administration, but he must throw red meat to his progressive choir.

So Stewart saw fit to slap Fox News for daring to say the obvious–even if a conflict is avoided, and that’s far from certain–the U.S. emerges as a weaker power.

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