Jon Stewart Holds Bush-Bashing Flashback to Deflect from ObamaCare Debacle

Jon Stewart Holds Bush-Bashing Flashback to Deflect from ObamaCare Debacle

What’s a liberal comic to do when he realizes he can’t avoid mocking President Barack Obama for weeks on end?

If you’re Jon Stewart, you crank up some classic Bush bashing to ease the pain.

Monday night, The Daily Show host took on media outlets which compared Obama’s health care imbroglio with President George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

It is an inelegant comparison, no doubt, but the core of the matter speaks to a mistrust of an administration by the American people. Stewart called the media template offensive, setting the stage for some recycled hits on Bush.

Stewart brought on three Daily Show correspondents to compare ObamaCare to Bush’s alleged blunders.

“You can’t talk about presidential fuckups without somehow bringing up George W. Bush,” the first correspondent said. “He just had so many.”

“It’s like talking rock and roll and not bringing up Elvis,” the next cracked.

“Bush left us with an entire Whitman’s Sampler of presidential turds to choose from,” the third jokester said.

What followed was a litany of liberal talking points against Bush, ignoring the litany of scandals currently hammering the Obama administration.

It’s damage control time at The Daily Show, and its small liberal viewership probably breathed a sigh of collective relief that Stewart and co. took a break from speaking truth to power for one starry night.

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