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'Wings of a Warrior' DVD Review: Jimmy Doolittle's Heroism Captured for New Generation

'Wings of a Warrior' DVD Review: Jimmy Doolittle's Heroism Captured for New Generation


It’s tough to find films celebrating the heroic deeds of men like Jimmy Doolittle. There’s a lack of storytelling, whether in documentary or narrative form, when it comes to the stories of men who talked little and acted fast.

In Doolittle’s case, he saved countless lives and literally helped shape elements of the world we live in today.

Wings of a Warrior, available Dec. 3 on home video, details the life of the Medal of Honor recipient. Some of his famous military missions were covered in classic films before, but this documentary examines Doolittle’s life from the time he was growing up in Alaska, through him joining the military to him helping the U.S. win World War II. 

Wings of a Warrior is a straight, no bull proposition from filmmaker/host Gardner Doolittle–third cousin to the war hero. Gardner Doolittle walks us through his cousin’s most daring missions and close calls, and it’s all presented with some very impressive vintage footage and photographs of times in history not remembered enough, including the vicious attack on Pearl Harbor.

While Wings of a Warrior tells a captivating story that will have you glued to the screen, it’s not a film on the same level as other documentaries from a production standpoint. The sections where Gardner Doolittle is hosting lack in video and audio quality. Still, he’s an engaging host that gives this story enough grit to feel natural and cinematic.

The DVD’s sole special feature is an interview with Gerard Doolittle which provides some insightful background and context for the film and for the man the film is about.

We need more films like Wings of a Warrior to celebrate and remember people like Jimmy Doolittle, who won the highest honors as both a military member and a civilian. This documentary is worth gathering the family around so Jimmy Doolittle’s story can be told in all its sizable glory.

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