'Mitt' Doc Netflix Bound

'Mitt' Doc Netflix Bound

Netflix, the streaming giant responsible for breakout hits like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, is getting political.

The company will debut Mitt, a new documentary about the man who led the GOP’s Presidential ticket in 2012, next month as part of its new expansion into non-fiction storytelling. The content provider previously bought the rights to The Square, a film focusing on the recent Egyptian revolution.

Mitt promises a rare, behind the scenes look at both the man and his failed campaign for the White House.

It’s unclear if the film, which will debut days before its Netflix release at the Sundance Film Festival, packs a partisan agenda. Director Greg Whiteley’s modest resume makes his ideology and past practices unclear, and RottenTomatoes.com currently features no reviews of the documentary. Romney gave the filmmaker what Netflix calls “unprecedented access” to both himself and his family in making the film.

The film’s tagline: “Whatever Side You’re On, See Another Side”

Mitt will be available for streaming starting at 12:01 a.m. PT Jan. 24, 2014.