'America' Trailer Lets Liberals like Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky Bash the U.S.

'America' Trailer Lets Liberals like Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky Bash the U.S.

Dinesh D’Souza and the team behind the upcoming documentary America promised they would let hard leftists have a say in their pro-USA feature set for a July 4 release.

The film’s latest trailer shows they mean to keep their word.

The clip features a gallery of anti-American speakers–including Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky–discussing the country in terms typically reserved for rogue regimes like North Korea.

All the while, we see D’Souza quietly rising to the country’s defense.

The liberals in the clip zero in on America’s slavery past, its treatment of Native Americans and how Mount Rushmore is merely a symbol of oppression, not greatness.

“Who’s the new Evil Empire,” D’Souza asks Churchill, referencing what President Ronald Reagan dubbed the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

“Well … you’re sitting in it,” says a smiling Churchill, who became nationally for a piece he wrote claiming America’s chickens had come home to roost on 9/11.

The eventual presentation won’t likely be as fair and balanced as a traditional documentary. It’s clear all the same that the filmmakers are confident in their arguments, and their country, to let people like Churchill speak their peace.

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