Man Bites Dog: Jon Stewart Tees Off on IRS 'Idiocy,' Hillary's 'We're Broke' B.S.

Man Bites Dog: Jon Stewart Tees Off on IRS 'Idiocy,' Hillary's 'We're Broke' B.S.

For one night, Jon Stewart surveyed the political landscape and found plenty of liberal targets to strafe with his Comedy Central weapon’s cache.

The Daily Show host not only savaged the IRS for its “dog ate my emails” shtick Tuesday but tormented Hillary Clinton for pretending she’s a commoner just like the rest of us. Taken together, the one-two blast gave viewers a chance to see what a fair and balanced host might look like.

More importantly, Hillary Clinton’s “dead broke” gaffe is uniting the left and the right in righteous ridicule. Her unforced errors are having a cultural impact, witness Stewart’s glee in demolishing her Everywoman pose.

The liberal comic began by assuring progressive viewers that President Barack Obama isn’t connected to the current IRS imbroglio. Yes, there’s no evidence linking Obama to the troubles at this point, but the blatant cover-up could mean … anything, even that the Obama White House played a role in the fiasco. We just don’t know, so declaring Team Obama innocent by default is a partisan ploy. 

Stewart continued, mocking the very government he wants to be bigger, bolder and stronger:

The government agency whose entire business model release on forcing Americans to live as borderline hoarders. Only keeps their s*** for six months? No. That’s unacceptable. You know, you never get a notice from the IRS saying please bring your records down to us… If you can find them. I mean this is like if the EPA was dumping its office trash in the National Zoo’s spotted owl exhibit….

If there is a larger scandal here, it’s that our government’s handling of information across all platforms borders on criminal idiocy. The IRS is frying hard drives, the VA is drowning in paper. Is there any record keeping medium that the government could use that could work for them? Microfiche? We’ll do it. Stone tablets? We’ll do it. We could take a page out of the ancient Greeks. Weave all of our important information into an epic poem and recite entirely from memory, pass down from generations over a federal archival oral tradition from bard to apprentice, but you’d probably lose that f****** page.

He then mocked what he called the “poor off” between Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, an embarrassing spectacle where two rich people pretend they’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Hold on – ‘I’m homeless. I happen to stay in mansion belonging to my lovely bride. Kind of like the king of England.’ What’s with the poverty Tourette’s? Why do these two think we need a hobo for president? Own what you have – it’s fine. More importantly, why do they think we’ll believe them? I mean, both of you have both have your faces on book covers — books written by them about them. That usually means you’re doing pretty good.