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Power Line: Is Lena Dunham’s Rapist Even a Republican?

Power Line: Is Lena Dunham’s Rapist Even a Republican?


In a piece titled “Lena Dunham Walks Back Fabricated Rape Claim,” Power Line’s John Hinderaker (an attorney) reacts to the admission from Random House that “Barry” is indeed a pseudonym, and that the man Breitbart News exonerated last week did not rape Lena Dunham:

Dunham says the rapist was “the campus’s resident conservative.” But her vivid description-big mustache, purple cowboy boots, host of a radio show called “Real Talk With Jimbo,” worked at the college library and had an unusually deep voice-doesn’t fit any conservative or any Republican who was at Oberlin at the time. She made the whole thing up.

Was Lena Dunham, as she claims, “raped by a Republican?”

Read the whole thing. Hinderaker makes a number of great points, as he did in his previous write-up of the story.

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