Friday Night Document Dump: Now They Tell Us — Ft. Hood Was Terrorism

Remember back in November when Major Malik Nadal Hasan went on a shooting rampage on the Army base at Fort Hood, Tex., and the media’s first impulse was to reflexively wonder why he had done it? Was it because he was about to be deployed overseas? Was it because, as an Army psychiatrist, he had snapped under the pressure of de-briefing psychologically shattered soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and was thus suffering from a hitherto-unknown psychological condition called “Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”? The head-scratchers and chin-pullers scratched and pulled but, by golly, they just couldn’t seem to wrap their minds around why this man could possibly have done such a thing.


Typical was The Christian Science Monitor:

According to reports, Mr. Hasan desperately wanted to avoid being deployed to a war zone. While there appeared to be several reasons for this, including a conviction that he was a victim of harassment, he was also troubled by the stories he heard from overseas.

The lack of mental-health counselors has been an ongoing problem that both the military and the Veterans Affairs have been working to resolve in recent years.

It never occurred to our politically correct media — or if it did, they would never have dared to give voice to their suspicions — that the self-evident answer was that Maj. Hasan was a Muslim terrorist, either sent to infiltrate the Army and attack it from within, or radicalized while in the service and ordered to kill as many Americans as he could before this “Soldier of Allah” became the latest martyr for Islam.

Now, two months later, comes the inevitable admission that anyone not terminally afflicted with PC mental rot could have seen coming a mile away:

The shooting rampage at Fort Hood was “an act of terrorism,” a senior US official said on Friday, employing a phrase that the Obama administration has previously avoided to describe the attack.

The administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the November 5 shooting spree that left 13 dead at the army base inTexas, was a “terrorist tactic” but the suspected gunman’s links to extremist groups remained under investigation.

“It certainly in my mind was an act of terrorism,” the official told reporters.

He said it was unclear if the suspected gunman, army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan, was directed to act by outside extremists.

[youtube yGARe3QRE9E nolink]

So will the media learn its lesson and adopt Occam’s Razor — the simplest explanation of any event is the one most likely to be true — and apply it to Islamic terrorism? Or will they continue to be prisoners of the fascism of the mind known as political correctness?

What do you think?

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