Condition Red: Obama Attempts to Turn the Defense Department Green

On Tuesday, March 23, a symposium will convene in Laurel, Maryland on “Climate Change and Energy Imperatives for Future Naval Forces.” Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory and the US Navy, it will include roundtable discussions on a variety of topics to include: potential effects of global climate change, temperature increases, and reduction of sea ice, melting glaciers, desertification, deforestation, water and fuel shortages, rising sea levels, and forced population migrations. Alarming topics all, events that, should they happen, are the stuff of nightmares, of an environmental apocalypse, even the end of humankind.


They are also the boilerplate propaganda of anthropogenic global warming fanatics that have been so humiliated by exposés of their contrived science, they are frantically trying to stem the tide of public outrage, so much of their evidence has been debunked. Manipulations of research data to support warming fabrications have been too systemic for their claims to be taken seriously any longer. As the nation endures mammoth snowstorms and low temperatures, and as record low temperatures are being set across the globe, one wonders if it will take glaciers on Al Gore’s front lawn for them to see the fallacies of their ideology-driven “science.”

True to form, the media is publishing articles claiming the warming is causing the cold. “Global warming” has morphed to “climate change.” Their outrageous journalistic acrobatics would be hilarious were they not so pitiful. Time Magazine has a doozy entitled: “Snowstorm: East Coast Blizzard Tied to Climate Change” and apparently the citizen rabble are not buying it. One need only read the comments to this article on line to see what the peasants in fly-over-country think of press delusions.

That will not stop the warming folks. The Obama administration is working to shift Department of Defense priorities to focus on “climate change,” using thinly stretched intelligence resources to track climate events and redefine our defense priorities with climate change as a danger equal to or exceeding that of China, Al Qaeda and Iranian nuclear weapons. At a time when nuclear, cyber and biological terrorism are real and imminent threats, it would be reasonable to question the administration’s sanity. Yet on they plod, blind to the obvious and determined to remake us into the green socialist utopia that they dreamed up while attending Harvard and Columbia.

The Obama administration is attempting to codify its climate agenda by inserting it into our defense institutions. Their operative belief is that the more often you say something, the more people will believe it. Desensitized by message repetition, they will simply accept, regardless of the evidence. That belief is coming to bear on the defense assessments that guide this nation’s leaders in their decision-making.

QDR as of 29JAN10 1600

The Quadrennial Defense Review Report (QDR) mentions climate change 32 times in its 105 pages. Touted as a “wartime QDR” by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in his introductory letter, there is no mention of climate change there. This speaks volumes about the battles royal that raged within the Department of Defense resisting the insertion of global warming ideology into the report. Participants in its production tell me they fought tooth and nail to keep it focused on defense issues and were only partially successful. The camel’s nose is under the tent, and soon enough the administration will try to push in the rest of the noisome beast. The following excerpt from page 84 is indicative of their agenda:

Climate change will affect DoD in two broad ways. First, climate change will shape the operating environment, roles and missions that we undertake. The U.S. Global Change Research Program, composed of 13 federal agencies, reported in 2009 that climate-related changes are already being observed in every region of the world, including the United States and its coastal waters. Among these physical changes are increases in heavy downpours, rising temperature and sea level, rapidly retreating glaciers, thawing permafrost, lengthening growing seasons, lengthening ice-free seasons in the oceans and on lakes and rivers, earlier snowmelt, and alterations in river flows.

The fact that none of this is actually happening is moot. It is about controlling the historic foe of the left, the military, while pushing the global climate change theme. The prospect of remaking the DoD into a green environmental response force makes the socialists of the Obama administration giddy.

Annual Threat Assessment

The document entitled “Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence” mentions climate change 27 times its 46 pages. Dennis C. Blair, Director of National Intelligence, is responsible for this report. Flanked by Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, Admiral Blair testified before congress with a remarkably straight face. The “Statement for the Record” from his testimony contains these gems:

We continue to assess that global climate change will have wide-ranging implications for US national security interests over the next 20 years because it will aggravate existing world problems–such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership, and weak political institutions–that threaten state stability.

Some recent climate science would indicate that the effects of climate change are accelerating, particularly in the Arctic region and on mountain glaciers that impact critical watersheds.

The thawing of the permafrost across vast stretches of Russia, including areas in which there are oil and gas deposits and over which there are pipelines, will both put existing infrastructure at risk and make its modernization and replacement more difficult.

Referring to Cambodia and Vietnam, he says:

Large-scale migration from rural and coastal areas into cities and across borders could increase friction between diverse social groups already under stress from climate change… Together with the Maldives, which is at risk of complete obliteration, these two countries are likely to remain powerful advocates for developed nations to remember the human costs of climate change.

“Some recent climate science would indicate that the effects of climate change are accelerating, particularly in the Arctic region and on mountain glaciers that impact critical watersheds” is of course one of the recent assessments that has been thoroughly debunked, along with endangered polar bears and rising seas.

The Maldives are safe; no measurable rise has been detected, except perhaps in their expectation of U.N. aid. Too much of Blair’s testimony sounds like it came directly from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC). However, much of their previously esteemed research does not in fact come from peer-reviewed science, no matter how much they posture and howl. Their credibility is all but gone. The former admiral is by all accounts an intelligent and thorough man. It can only be politics that would make him to utter such nonsense, politics or ambition or both.

Naval Officer's Uniform_01

The “Climate Change and Energy Imperatives for Future Naval Forces” symposium in Maryland will take place, unless of course they are snowed out. At least some of its participants will attend knowing manmade global warming is hogwash. Whether the assembled admirals will have the guts to “speak truth to power” is doubtful. Careers ride on being a good soldier in public. Some of the academics participating come from the ranks of true believers. It will be less of a discussion as it will be an exercise in ego, academic arrogance and a profound waste of money.

We can expect climate change to permeate all future assessments and reports from the DoD. We can predict that money best used to train and equip will be diverted to nonsensical “green projects” at DoD facilities. Readiness will suffer but we will have solar and wind power on airbases and efficient windows in Marine barracks. We may not be able to track a freighter carrying a nuclear warhead from North Korea, but we will know if the ice in remote arctic regions is melting.

Every moment the military wastes on climate posturing is a moment taken from the defense of this country. Every dollar the DoD spends on climate change will be a dollar stolen from that vital defense mission. When, not if, we are attacked again, the Obama administration will have much to answer for, especially if our military was forced to waste valuable time on climate change when they could have been doing their real jobs.

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