Breitbart Gets Hit, Punches Back Twice as Hard

**Post updated with higher quality video and audio.

For those you who haven’t been following our extensive coverage of Max Blumenthal’s character assassination attempt of James O’Keefe, a fringe blog called One People’s Project was the key source in Blumenthal’s research. Darlye Jenkins, who runs the blog One People’s Project, stopped by CPAC, according The Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel, “for the express purpose of confronting [Andrew] Breitbart.” Here is footage of that confrontation:

[youtube _AfWkDrPvNA nolink]

The reason why One People’s Project was not the focus of our ire during the Blumenthal scandal is because, as Breitbart succinctly put it in this video, they are not accountable to any standard of journalism. Unlike for, there is little at stake for them if they fail to tell the truth (not to mention the scope of their readership and influence is comparatively minuscule). That still is the case, and it goes without saying we are giving Mr. Jenkins and his blog publicity simply by posting this video, but we’ll indulge him this time around.

We’ll indulge him because we believe this encounter is illustrative of tactics the left employs far too often when they engage in verbal fisticuffs–calling their ideological opponents “racists” or some other invective, selectively ignoring essential details of the story when it’s advantageous to their cause–but it’s also illustrative of tactics the right doesn’t use often enough. Breitbart is one of the few high profile conservatives in the media today ready and willing to take the fight to the left the way they’ve always taken it to us (I’m a former Berkeley College Republican, I know). As White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina famously said, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.” Breitbart has turned the left’s tactic back on them and the net result is an offensive conservatism that’s been largely absent from political discourse in recent memory. And if the cheers at the tail end of this video are any indication, we would probably benefit from a few more confrontations like this one.

More background on the confrontation and what exactly went down here.

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