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Hello, Suckers! Happy Birthday to the Ponzi Generation


Greatest, Lost, Boomer, X, Next … names our society has conjured to describe particular generations. But what of the unborn future generations already burdened with the crushing financial tab of reckless government spending and redistribution of wealth?

Indulge me for suggesting a moniker for these unborn: the Ponzi Generation.


Right now we are witnessing America’s ongoing conversion into a socialist society. Depending on the vote tomorrow in Congress, America risks modeling the disastrous behavior of EU nations currently wallowing in economic and social bankruptcy.

Socialism, in the final analysis, is nothing more than a cruel pyramid scheme. Whether Healthcare or Social Security or other entitlement scheme, the original players (e.g. retirees in Social Security) receive the promised windfall of government largesse. How? Because succeeding generations of “players” (i.e. taxpayers) pay for it. Yet, as England’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher explained: “Socialist governments…always run out of other people’s money.”

The liberals’ latest Grow-the-Government Ponzi scheme, like all others, is necessarily predicated on each succeeding generation being numerically larger – the expanding base of the pyramid – to pay the largesse of those in the higher levels. And ironically that is where socialist theory crashes headlong into reality.


Why? Because family size is shrinking. Socialists have assaulted the traditional family for decades. From Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s racist eugenics to the Zero Population Growth crowd, to government schools mocking chastity and morality, socialists have championed the exaltation of Self (which they say is incompatible with children or marriage) over selfless formation and nurturing of family. Children are expensive. Children are a nuisance. Children interfere with what really matters in life – you!


You, therefore, are entitled to unencumbered happiness, not merely its pursuit. You are entitled to government largesse in the form of such things as Healthcare or Social Security. You cannot “enjoy” these and other life pleasures if you’re distracted by raising children.

But Mother Nature is unforgiving. Any species hesitating to propagate, human or otherwise, toys with disaster. Leftwing social engineering has consequences.

Thus, Europe is already well below population replacement rate – for every four grandchildren there are roughly ten grandparents. America’s fertility rate is hovering at 2.1, the bare minimum needed to replace the existing population. And that number is likely skewed by immigrants, many of them poor Latinos, tending to have somewhat larger families.

Although Lindsey “Grahamnisty” may have an eye to the future with his upcoming immigration bill, the problem with that, from the standpoint of perpetuating the Ponzi Scheme, is that such immigrant children, particularly illegal immigrant children, are statistically more likely to be poor and poorly educated. In other words, earlier and current levels of taxpayers in this Ponzi Scheme will be replaced in the future by fewer and poorer taxpayers, a double threat to the pyramid’s viability.

Unless Congress returns to former President Reagan’s “trickle down” capitalism by slashing taxes and governmental regulations currently strangling freedom, all these socialists in America had better start having babies at the jihadist rate of third world Muslim countries. Otherwise the liberals’ socialist Ponzi scheme will crash just as in Greece and Europe now. Like death, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”


Sunday, the first day of Spring, is your birthday, Ponzi Generation. Welcome to the post-modern age of American Socialism.

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