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Behind the Scenes of the Freedom Concerts Tours


I felt I had to write this as I have taken part in nearly every Freedom Concert Tour since Sean Hannity and Col. Oliver North have been promoting them over the last few years.

Kings Island Freedom Concert 0734

First of all my late father was promoter of disco bands back in the 1970’s, so I do have a bit of insight into events and the behind scene cost of putting on events that the general public will never know.

While Hannity and North have publicly stated that most of the artists involved in the Freedom Concert Tour donate their time to the effort in supporting the mission of the Freedom Alliance, the small things like air-conditioned buses, catered food and bottle water don’t exactly come for free, along with transport of the bands equipment, band and their family members, security, crowd and traffic control. Simply put, I guess there are a few people out there who believe Charlie Daniels, Governor Perry or Larry “The Cable Guy” are suppose to stand in the hot sun eating ham sandwiches and drinking from juice boxes until they are ready to go on stage. Then there of course is the cost for getting a venue for the 1,000s of supporters who come to these concerts along with their families and invited guests, the pre- and post-show clean up, workers involved such as ticket issuers, ushers and others.

Artists, who have been part of the now expended Freedom Concert Tours maybe in Dallas one day and in Atlanta the next, so unless they are using private jets on their own skinny, someone is absorbing those cost of pilots, the aircraft and fuel maybe tens of thousands of dollars.

Now with all that said, there is the issue of the scholarship fund, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been going on now for nearly a decade, so a soldier, airman, sailor or Marine, who lost his or her life with a two-year-old child would be nine to eleven years old now? The fund is suppose to be for those children to attend College, I know we have some intelligent children out there, but not a groundswell of tweens trying to get into college.

I am sure that the tax-return forums that all of the detractors are reading and basing their opinions on contain all this information about the behind the scenes cost.

I consider Sean Hannity among many of my friends, many who are regular listeners to the show know my voice, and consider Col. North to be a hero, as most of Central America is not speaking fluent Russian at this point. Most of all, their support of those of us, who have worn the uniform or who are in uniform, has been unwavering.


From the very first day that Hannity publicly announced his support of the Freedom Alliance and its Honorary Chairman, Oliver North, a few hardcore leftists and drive-by conservatives have questioned the whole effort. I personally feel that some in both groups are embittered because the success of Hannity and North to expand and grow the Freedom Concert Tour, while they play the background as backbenchers.

I am proud that I am a part of this noble effort that seeks to provide scholarships to the Children of those Americans, who have paid the ultimate price in their service to our nation and I will not allow a few “haters,” take away from that.

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