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America's Day of Wreckoning — the Socialist Putsch Comes to Washington


America held her breath last night, gripped by the mind-numbing realization that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people could very well be irrevocably broken. The American people are overwhelmingly against this government takeover of 20% of the economy. Tens of thousands took to the great lawn Saturday, trying to right a government gone off the rails, after a year of similar peaceful actions. And so the focus of the Democrat leadership all through the healthcare takeover, and culminating with a flourish this past weekend, has been on libeling, slandering and destroying the millions of Americans who stand against this socialist putsch.


The peaceful, patriotic millions who marched over the course of the year were virtually ignored by the media and certainly ignored by the President. Big media only deemed fit to cover the people’s revolution long enough to libel them and smear them with vulgarities (“tea baggers“). This campaign of destruction culminated Saturday in the specious charge that a protester shouted “ni**er” at the Congressional Black Caucus. The Washington Post reported:

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said that racial epithets were hurled at them Saturday by angry protesters who had gathered at the Capitol to protest health-care legislation, and one congressman said he was spit upon. The most high-profile openly gay congressman, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), was heckled with anti-gay chants.

Color me skeptical. I am not sure why the Congressional Black Caucus deliberately chose to walk through the crowd as they shouted “kill the bill,” but it sure sounded like a set-up. And if someone had shouted something so grotesque, he was either a plant, an infiltrator, or a freak who attached himself to a group that wants no part of him. If it did happen, this shout in no way reflected the millions of capitalist Americans standing up for their country. I have been to enough of these protests to know. These protesters are the salt of the earth. The best of America, our salvation — if that salvation is to be had.


The media reacted like vampires to human blood, going into a frenzy to use the shout to discredit the whole movement. And the lefty blogs like the Huffington Post (headquarters for Jew-hating incitement to genocide) was epileptic with joy. We’ve been down this road before with the Puff Ho; they have concocted slanders against the tea parties before (watch the Atlas vlog in which I expose them here.)

The only problem with all this was that the charges were false. Video evidence proved that no one shouted “ni**er” or “faggot.” And as for Barney Frank alleging that he was called a faggot — I prefer to call him what he really is, a liar. Where is his outrage at the term “tea bagger”?

All this media excitement was a degenerate tactic to drive the national dialogue away from what is really important (the rout of democracy and the nationalization of healthcare) to a mendacious discussion about the “racist,” “homophobic” “tea baggers.” Janeane Garofalo laid out this strategy in April 2009, when she said that the tea partiers were “a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” adding that “this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”

Is it a coincidence that after a year of millions marching against this ugly leftist power grab, that on the day before the vote both racist and homophobic slurs were allegedly hurled? Hmm.

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Those of us battling the left are used to the libel and slander directed towards us as a means to eliminate the truth of our message by destroying our credibility. The daily drumbeat of lies and smear is so relentless that it has lost its sting. It’s like water off a duck’s back. But for the first time, America is getting a taste of it. Ordinary Americans are being smeared and slandered. And the silver lining here is that the American people will never trust the Democrats or big media again.

Big Media will go down in flames as a result of this. Even when I went searching for a picture of the Capitol lawn yesterday, I could only find images on twitpic and the blogs. The only thing that came up for “D.C. protest” on Yahoo was an unrelated anti-war protest (here). The leftist media was ignoring the huge demonstration of the popular will. That’s how corrupt and criminal the media is.

The Democrats did not practice representative government this weekend. This is tyranny.

As I show in my forthcoming book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America (coming in July from Simon & Schuster), this is no surprise. And more is coming. Americans must stand up for our democratic values now, or lose them.

If this putsch is successful, we will remember. We will remember those who betrayed the republic – both our elected representatives and their media accomplices.

We will remember them this November, and beyond.

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