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Why We Should Care About the Arrests Of the Russian 'Illegals'


So the Cold War’s Over?

Tell it to Fidel Castro and his agents. Among the ten spies just nabbed by the FBI and accused of working for the Russian Federation we find a Vicky Pelaez, weekly columnist for New York’s largest circulation Spanish-language paper, La Prensa/El Diario. You will never guess who they endorsed for President.

Besides this New York paper, please note who proudly publishes Vicky Pelaez’ articles and displays her byline.


Now please note who proudly publishes the articles confected by the Huffington Post’s Margarita Alarcon and proudly displays her byline. The Huffington Post’s “conflict of interest” was revealed on this site just the other day (if I may so say myself.)

Cubadebate, for anyone poised to spout off about “McCarthyism at Big Journalism!” is blatantly and unapologetically the Castro regime’s house organ. Note that Fidel, Raul and Hugo’s pronouncements, decrees and fiats appear just to the right of The Huffington Post writer’s articles (and those of the recently arrested and accused Russian spy’s.)

Among Vicky Pelaez most recent articles was a paean to Hugo Chavez for his “lifting Venezuelans’ from abject poverty and restoring their pride” and to Oliver Stone for documenting and publicizing the glorious process.

Other Vicky Pelaez articles bashed Arizona’s “xenophobia and racism,” as exemplified by the passage of SB1070 which transformed Arizona into a “Police State.”

Concurrent with their house organ’s columnist (Vicky Pelaez) condemnation of Arizona, Fidel Castro (whose regime jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s and murdered them at a higher rate pre-war Hitler’s) slammed SB 1070 as “a brutal violation of human rights.”

Alas, cues from the Democratic/MSM teleprompter probably didn’t prompt Castro’s recent snipes against Arizona’s SB 1070. Instead, Governor Brewer’s law probably stung him hard–and right where it hurts most.

Gregorio Sanchez

Gregorio Sanchez

Don’t look for this anywhere in the U.S. media, but last month Cancun’s former mayor , Gregorio Sanchez, who was also running for governor of Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo (which includes Cancun and the Caribbean “Mexican Riviera,”) was arrested and charged with a string of crimes including money-laundering and trafficking in drugs and illegal immigrants. Interestingly, Senor Sanchez is married to a Cuban Senorita named Niurka Sáliva, daughter of one of Fidel Castro’s top intelligence officials.

“But, Humberto!” you say. “Why should something so commonplace and provincially Mexican be reported in the U.S. media?”

Because the drug and human contraband (the later including Cubans, Russians, Chinese and perhaps al Qaeda-allied Somali terrorists) from this Mexican way station, courtesy of Gregorio Sanchez and his Castroite wife, were mostly bound for the U.S. —with Arizona a probable entry point. That’s why.


Connecting a few dots: last month, “Anthony Joseph Tracy, 35, was set free after pleading guilty to human smuggling charges ….Tracy, a former informant to two U.S. intelligence agencies, was collared at JFK airport last January. He copped to helping 272 Somalis illegally enter the U.S. from Kenya through Cuba. … Tracy allegedly helped the Somalis get travel visas to Cuba. After traveling from Kenya to Dubai to Moscow to Cuba, they then went to South America before entering the United States through the border in Mexico.

Mexican investigative reporter José Antonio Pérez Stuart has uncovered links between the international publicity campaign against Arizona and money from powerful Latin American narco-Castroite mafias. That’s also why.

Mexican newspapers have also revealed that a Cuban named Boris “El Boris” del Valle, son of Cuba’s former Minister of the Interior (KGB-trained secret police/intelligence) and a relative of Fidel Castro’s wife, Dalia del Valle, worked closely with the Sanchez couple and was the “hands-on” operative for the smuggling of drugs and humans into the U.S., probably through Arizona.

Makes you see the fight over the new Arizona law in a whole new light now, doesn’t it?

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