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'War Hero' John Kerry Not Exactly a Profile In Courage About 'Climate Change'


This is how low “profiles in courage” in Massachusetts’s U.S. Senate representation has fallen, and how bad the media-leftist complex has gotten. Today’s Washington Post carries an homage by columnist E.J. Dionne to Sen. John Kerry’s “passion” to push an “energy bill.”


The absurd, offending sentence is “Which brings us back to Kerry, who in a talk with me made no apologies for his eagerness to get an energy bill.” Well. Yes. He’s eager to tell you how his cap-and-trade global warming bill is an energy bill, rebranding it after pollster Stanley Greenberg instructed Democrats that “cap-and-trade” and “global warming” weren’t selling, and they had to rebrand it as “energy”.

Which calls into question the breathtaking courage, passion, etc. This is Kerry’s second cap-and-trade global warming bill just this Congress. After the first floundered, he came out muttering about how mean it is to describe the bill as cap-and-trade — the central component of both is cap-and-trade, of course — on the grounds that “I don’t know what cap-and-trade means” (he said that, incidentally, just after the Greenberg memo urging such abandonment).


Then, in delaying the introduction of his second bill, drafted with long-time cap-and-trader Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Kerry insisted it wasn’t even an environment bill in order to not get his bill associated with Earth Day moonbattery — it was slated to be introduced with media fanfare as such. Quoth Kerry, “This is not Earth Day-related,” he said. “This is a jobs bill. This is an energy independence, national security bill. It’s not wrapped to one week or another.”

Kerry’s cup o’ courage runneth over!

He is lauded for his courage for insisting that his cap-and-trade global warming bill isn’t a cap-and-trade global warming bill (a term that poll-tests terribly) but is instead really an energy security, jobs and national security bill (which poll quite well). Even though it’s still cap-and-trade, and a global warming bill — is there some other reason we must reduce CO2 emissions? — only this time with a gas tax tossed in on top.


And this is fawned upon by the establishment press as admirably forthright. Pathetic.

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