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The Ayatollah Bloomberg and the Curious Case Of the Lapdog Media


According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, the majority of New Yorkers are opposed to the building of an Islamic supremacist mosque at Ground Zero — as are, not coincidentally, the majority of Americans.

In New York City, where all power is centralized, all roads lead to the Mayor’s office. And Mayor Bloomberg is covertly pushing the Ground Zero mega mosque forward. Bloomberg controls the calendar, so why would he suddenly, last week, schedule a landmarks committee meeting for tomorrow and a landmarks commission meeting for next week, in the middle of July, when no one is around? Boss Bloomberg, is the fix in? And if so, why?


More troubling is the media has paid scant attention to Bloomberg’s pernicious display of megalomaniacal governance. It is corruption when our elected officials ignore the will of the people, but it is far worse when our media, who are supposed to give voice to the voiceless, work in tandem with such corruption. Why is Bloomberg given a free pass by the free press while Governor Paterson is eviscerated daily, for sport?

Why isn’t the New York Times, the Daily News or the Post demanding to know why Mayor Bloomberg is trying to expedite the building of the Ground Zero mega mosque, when the majority of New Yorkers do not want it? Why isn’t the media demanding to know why the World Trade Center has not yet been rebuilt and why its reconstruction or replacement is not being given the same priority as the mega mosque?

Why is Ground Zero still a large, gaping horrible wound? Why hasn’t the media demanded to know why the 9/11 Memorial Museum has not been built and, worse still, is being built underground like some massive coffin while the erection of a fifteen story mega mosque soaring over the cemetery that is Ground Zero gets mayoral fast-tracking? Remains of the dead are still being found, and Bloomberg is ambivalent about that…. but the mega mosque? That’s his priority.


One phone call from Bloomberg could table these hearings, giving much needed time for our landmarks legal team to work up our report. The only one who has accountability on this is Mayor Bloomberg. He controls the landmarks commission; they are all his appointees. None of them will go against him.

Why hasn’t the media called him on this? Where are all the investigative journalists looking at who is greasing whose palm?

Are they all planning on careers at Bloomberg media someday?

Mayor Bloomberg is mayor because of 9/11. It was Rudy Giuliani, in the wake of the horror of the Islamic attack, who anointed Bloomberg as his successor. And despite the fact that a majority of New Yorkers opposes the mega mosque at Ground Zero, Mayor Bloomberg has refused to meet with the 9/11 families or with any of those opposing the Islamic supremacist mosque.

He has refused to meet with the families. Why is he ducking ? And why the mad rush? And why is he giving stealth jihadist Imam Rauf a free ride? Again has this been not bee reported by the subdued media. No one questions Mad Mullah Mike.

Bloomberg has an obligation to meet with the Coalition for the Preservation of Ground Zero to hear what the 9/11 families and the majority of New Yorkers feel so passionately about.

The landmarks committee meeting tonight is a charade, a dog-and-pony show — as it is a function of the community board, which has no power. But the Landmarks commission meeting next week has real teeth, and from all indications, they are going to do Bloomberg’s bidding.

Who died and made Bloomberg the ayatollah of New York?

We, the people, have been abandoned by a Mayor gone wild – absolute power corrupts absolutely. But the media’s hand in his flagrant abuse of power is criminal.

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