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Dana Milbank Calls Glenn Beck — and Me — Would-Be Cop Killers


Everyone knows that Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is a colossally unserious buffoon, a walking, talking, Walter Duranty-like jackass of legendary proportions.

After then-Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally grazed a friend in a very minor hunting accident, Milbank dressed up on MSNBC as a real-life Elmer Fudd, brandishing a dayglo orange hunting cap and vest. He might as well have pulled down his pants and mooned the TV audience.


In a move that no doubt earned him an eternal place in any frozen hell administered in the afterlife by feminazi Gloria Steinem, Milbank also called Hillary Clinton a bitch in a YouTube video.

Now he’s written a piece in which he subtextually insinuates that Glenn Beck is a would-be cop killer.

In his Aug. 1 column in the Washington Post, Milbank borrows opposition “research” from his leftist friends at George Soros’s Media Matters for America. He notes that a man named Byron Williams open fired on California Highway Patrol officers when his plan “to start a revolution” by “killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU” was thwarted.

One of the Media Matters character assassins named Matt Gertz wrote that in the media only Glenn Beck has been talking about the Tides Foundation.

[youtube r5fd57p__fA nolink]

The implication by Gertz, picked up by Milbank, is crystal clear: Glenn Beck is inciting would-be cop killers.

By extension, everyone who has gone on Beck’s show to discuss the Tides Foundation is therefore also somehow a party to attempted murder, or so the logic goes.

According to Gertz’s research, I was the first to let Beck know about the Tides Foundation (on the May 13, 2009 edition of the “Glenn Beck Program”). (Videos here and here.) I am a senior editor at Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. We study the politics of philanthropy with a special focus on left-wing advocacy groups and their funders. We write reports. We’re not in the habit of inciting angry mobs and lone gunmen.

Yet both Media Matters and Milbank are implying that I (and other researchers) contributed to the Byron Williams incident by publicizing research about the Tides Foundation.


This is a classic extremist intimidation tactic not too far removed from leftists’ now out-in-the-open strategy of making false accusations of racism against the Tea Party movement in order to disrupt and discredit it.

I won’t say the jackbooted heel-clickers at Media Matters should be ashamed of themselves -that would be silly because those immoral left-wing hit men have no shame– but Milbank should be ashamed of himself.

He’s should stop pretending to be a journalist and just be honest and get on George Soros’s payroll like all the other left-wing opposition researchers.

Incidentally, the Tides Foundation, essentially a money-laundering outfit for the radical left, almost certainly pays Gertz’s salary. Its head, Drummond Pike, a leftover Communist-loving peacenik from the 1960s, is treasurer of the Democracy Alliance, a group of socialist billionaires who want to destroy America as we know it. Soros and Media Matters founder David Brock are close friends who have collaborated on many projects.

Pike paid off ACORN out of his own pocket to make a million-dollar embezzlement scandal go away. Pike’s close friend is ACORN founder Wade Rathke -a some time Tides board member– who covered up his brother Dale’s embezzlement at ACORN for eight years. When the theft was made public, ACORN threw Wade out on his keister.

The Rathkes had been slowly chipping away at the debt under a restitution agreement but when the embezzlement became front page news in 2008 thanks to the excellent reporting of Stephanie Strom of the New York Times, Pike swooped in to buy up the note in order to protect the identities of his secret donors.

Media Matters has no ethics, so it didn’t bother to disclose the fact that it has taken in at least $7 million from Pike’s Democracy Alliance.

Note to Media Matters: Apparently I was also the first to let Beck know about the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Check it out and discuss amongst yourselves.

(For more on the Tides Foundation, go here, here, here, and here.)

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