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Mainstream Media Pundits to Americans: Get Over 9/11


It seems that some within the Mainstream Media have been trying to send the American public a clear message, “It is time for you to get over the 9-11 attacks.”

A majority of Americans have always seen the attacks of 9-11 as being on par with the attack upon Pearl Harbor since the dual attacks happened within our nation.

The members of the Mainstream Media always saw the attacks as the defining moment of the much-hated Bush Presidency. Now that another of President Obama’s teachable moments has blown up in his face, some of the Mainstream Media have sought to portray the growing opposition to a Community Center/ Mosque, two blocks from Ground Zero as an issue of racism and religious freedom.

ground zero mosque

From the Daily Kos to Fox news Contributor Bob Beckel, 9-11 victims, first responders and Americans have been attacked for not supporting the project and/or not simply getting over the attacks some nine years later. The Daily Kos went as far as to compare car accidents to 9-11 boasting that, “It was only 3,000 people come on, as more people die in car accidents yearly!

Bob Beckel then appeared on the Fox Business Channel and in a heated debate, for and against the Community Center/Mosque stated that it is time for Americans to get over 9-11!


Yet the Daily Kos and Bob Beckel along with other members of the Mainstream Media will gather in New Orleans this week to hold their annual pity party for the city that was struck by Hurricane Katrina more than five years ago because they seek to remind Americans yet again this is point where the wheels were supposed to have come of the Bush Administration and we can’t go back to that!

The Mainstream Media would have you believe that a hurricane hitting a city that is below sea level and that has been struck by hurricanes repeatedly throughout its history is anomalous and open to yearly review, yet the terrorist attacks upon us is a matter we need to simply get over now! This is the same media that will show images of flooded homes and victims awaiting rescue in the aftermath of Katrina, but then make the excuses that we can’t show the images of 9-11 because of the trauma and possible hatred they would foster if shown annually.


Would the same left-wing media and their twisted pundits lecture Americans on religious freedom if Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church chose to build a Community Center/Church in San Francisco’s Castro district or the Ku Klux Klan chose to build a outreach center across the street from the MLK Memorial site here in Washington D.C. since both claim to be Christian groups and are thus entitled to the blanket of religious freedom?

Right, the outrage from the Mainstream Media and their pundits would be defining, if either was to happen. There would be no calls for tolerance and understanding, as we are told about this Community Center/Mosque.

The Mainstream Media and its pundits refuse to see the logic in this argument as a majority of Americans are not opposed to the project per se, just the location and the sensitive nature behind the past statements of its founder, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

*May 20 - 00:05*

They have chosen either not to report or to ignore incendiary statements by Rauf, yet have tried to sell this as an issue of religious freedom and thus shame a majority of Americans as being intolerant in their refusal to simply just get over 9-11 as they have yet again come up on the wrong side of a issue that is important to all freedom loving Americans.

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