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Is Keith Olbermann His Own 'Worst Person in the World?'


Keith Olbermann in his drive to be the champion of the Progressive Left and defender of all things, “President Obama and Democrats,” erroneously reported there is a Mosque in the Pentagon recently as a majority of American expressed their opposition to a possible community center/mosque at New York’s Ground Zero.


A mosque within the Pentagon, wait let me check the Constitution quickly; is there is something in there about separation of Church and State? (Actually, no, but there is Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists, which has always been good enough for the left.) I am also checking to see when military leaders endorsed one religion over another one — quick someone call Speaker Pelosi — there needs to be Congressional hearings into this!

Keith, I keep checking and can’t seem to find any media releases or official military documents about this mosque at the Pentagon. Could it be that the all powerful and smarter-than -hou Keith Olbermann was actually wrong on an issue and thus has become this week’s “Worst Person in the World?”

Oh, I know how you can explain your error Keith: “It’s Bush’s Fault.” See, Bush ordered the military to build a mosque within the Pentagon in the wake of the 9-11 attacks, then ordered military leaders to keep it quite as to bypass Congressional review, Karl Rove then beamed the image of the mosque at the Pentagon into your head from the Halliburton “Dirigible of Doom” and you reported on it. It was only after Obama was elected was balance restored to our military; sure Keith if that helps you sleep at night I am sure your pool of viewers will buy it.

As a former member of the military and one who has actually been inside the Pentagon, I think I will report the facts. In the wake of the 9-11 attacks, military leaders ordered the construction of a chapel were all peoples of faiths who work at the Pentagon may pray and hold services on government property, which is actually factual. All military commands have always set aside areas for people of faith to commune with God in both peace and war.


Keith, the nerve of you and your fellow travelers over at MSNBC to try to use the hallowed grounds of our Pentagon into a tool to promote a twisted mindset that you’re the defenders of religious freedom and tolerance in America. So with that said —

Keith, where is this mosque within the Pentagon you speak of? I am still looking for it.

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