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Make-Believe Media Finally Catching a Clue about the Tea Party


The Make-Believe Media is finally admitting what we knew at least eight months ago: the Tea Party is taking over the GOP. Actually, reviving the GOP and reestablishing its original principles, but the MBM needs a scary angle, and piracy sells well.

Spinning Sarah Palin’s tea party candidate Joe Miller’s victory over incumbent Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s recent Republican primary, the AP writes:

Is the tea party the new Republican Party? … the tea party has taken hold in the Grand Old Party, unseating lawmakers, capturing nominations for open seats and forcing Republicans to recalibrate both their campaign strategy and issues agenda. Out is talk of delivering federal dollars back home; in is talk of fiscal discipline.


The MBM then spins a fear-mongering tale of Tea-Partiers-Gone-Wild:

And what if the challengers win?

There’s no telling how outsider candidates who want to eliminate the Education Department or phase out Social Security — and who view themselves as independent of the party apparatus even as they get help from the GOP — would act as members of a body that’s the epitome of the establishment.

Party politics dominate the buttoned-down Senate, but no one knows whether the outsiders would follow the traditional rules — or even support Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. It’s possible that these new GOP senators could align themselves with DeMint, who has endorsed tea party candidates in GOP primaries nationwide.

It’s the Washington Establishment equivalent of a slasher movie trailer with a syrupy announcer voice over: “They will encounter Death, Destruction, Mayhem and face the Evil that is …. Darth DeMint Vader!!! Muuuaahahaha!!”

Hey, AP and the rest of you Make-Believe Media, let me help you out. Here’s what those “outsider” tea party candidates will do once elected: they will follow the rules – the original constitutional rules. They will revive the spirit of a representative democracy, the very thing the Founders created with the Constitution. They will represent the people who elected them.

Since you’re unclear on that novel concept, check your own polling data to see where We The People stand on Obamacare, taxes, jobs and even the mosque at Ground Zero. Something like 70% of the entire nation thinks the same way on all these issues. Time to wake up and smelling the Folgers, MBM.

These new representatives will give their all to fight growing government and will vote relentlessly to dismantle the liberal cradle-to-grave nanny state. And if they don’t, then We the People will replace them too.

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