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Truth Is the New Hate Speech: Long Past Time to Overthrow the Media and Save Ourselves


In the latest issue of the New Yorker, in a piece called “Intolerance,” Lawrence Wright compares me to the radical Danish imams who incited the Islamic world to riot over the cartoons of Muhammad that appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Ironic, isn’t it, when we are so tolerant of a fatal ideology, and worse, a subversive, dangerous media is shilling for our mortal enemy.


Wright reports that the Danish cartoons were published without incident. This is true. I posted about the cartoons at my website in October 2005, before the international riots over them began. But then he goes on to erroneously state that the extremist Danish imams to whom he compares me are the ones who ginned up the ummah. Not so. These imams did create false cartoons that were more inflammatory than the ones in Jyllands-Posten in order to give some heft to their incitement to murder, but it was the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a global international body, that initiated the cartoon jihad in December 2005.

And as for his equation of me with these imams, patriots and freedom lovers across the world have not set Muslim embassies on fire and slaughtered non-Muslims, as Muslims did when they rioted and rampaged through various countries. How dare Wright make such an ugly and false comparison.

To equate extremist imams with those who are fighting against this genocidal theology is the height of moral bankruptcy. The Danish imams created false images for incitement to jihad; I report news on jihad and source everything. Truth is the new hate speech.

The New Yorker ignored the hundreds of articles I have written, the book I co-wrote with Robert Spencer (The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America), and the work that I do, and instead spreads the lie that I claimed that Malcolm X was Obama’s father (I never said that) and that he is Muslim (another out-and-out lie, but citing his lineage is somehow prohibited).

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The bottom line is, I have been reporting on jihad for years. I would have driven a great many stories to the fore had I had such imaginary power. It is an insult to the 70% of the American people that oppose this mosque to suggest that I am the driving force behind the opposition to the mega-mosque. I may be one voice giving voice to the voiceless, but it is the American people who drove this story, despite the silence of the media lambs. The more Americans heard about the mega mosque at Ground Zero, the more the opposition to the mosque grew – unlike in the case of the Qur’an-burning story, which was all manufactured by the media. Scores of media camped out in some Florida backwater stirring the pot of Muslim outrage in a flagrant attempt to conflate the two issues. The good news is that the American people have been burned too many times (see 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue); they are not buying it this time. The media, in its last gasps, is pulling a Baghdad Bob, and the Islamic machine is in full throttle.

This is the derangement of the left. Their invective is so destructive and polarizing, it is painful to watch. It’s a voyeuristic window into a sick mind, and yet this is the accepted narrative. The norming of spewing the most vile propaganda. And then they carry out relentless attacks on every single person who deviates from their hateful and fascist rhetoric. All neatly packaged and served up to the American people everyday, every way, everywhere. As if this were normal.

Responsible journalism is dead. Nail, meet coffin.

This is what we are up against, and they have the whole culture in a chokehold. It’s going to get ugly, folks. Steel yourselves.

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