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The Intersection of Journalism, History, Art and Entertainment: RMS Titanic


Custer at the Little Bighorn, the Kennedy Assassination, the Titanic: some disasters linger in the mind and the memory, coloring the way we look at the world, but bringing the dead past back to vivid life.

[youtube M81lDelpSrE&feature nolink]

So far, the biggest surprise has to do with how spread out the debris was. Gallo said he expected to see one or two well-defined debris trails, but “the breakup was a little more complicated than that.” Unlike the largely intact (and iconic) bow section, the back section of the ship was “absolutely mangled by its trip to the bottom,” he said.

“It’s almost like you cracked it open and spilled everything out,” Gallo said. “You see pieces of the engine, boilers … where we thought there might be one or two big things, we found five. … When we start to piece together how Titanic actually made its way to the bottom, those pieces will be key.”

Be sure to read this fascinating story about the sinking of the great ship, which sheds new light upon the way she actually went down, and what happened to the people whose last view of the earth was the endless sea, beckoning them to a watery grave.

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