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MSM Seeks to Generate Election-Year Sympathy for Obama and the Democrats


With less than six weeks to go before the mid-term elections, the MSM is now trying to generate sympathy and fear among a targeted electorate hoping it will allow President Obama and the Democrats to retain power in the Senate.

Who is that targeted electorate, you ask? Blacks, Hispanics, gays and those remain stalwart Progressives, who normally turnout in mass for Presidential elections, but skip mid-term and off year elections.

From MSM to minority radio, Progressive activists would have you believe that this President and his party have worked so hard to move America forward from the Bush and Republican years, but recent battles with Congressional Republicans and the prolonged recession have taken a unfair toll on the popularity of this President and his Congress, now they needs our sympathy and votes and not be held accountable or face any skepticism after only two years in power.

[youtube BnMMo8lVG5M nolink]

Take CNBC’s recent presidential Town Hall meeting as an example. The town hall was well scripted and in reality was suppose to be President Obama’s “I feel your pain moment,” for the masses, but the questions were pre-screened and the President’s body language and answers were a full indication he was ready for what were suppose to be off-the-cuff questions by supposedly middle class Americans.

The MSM has shifted into full damage control mode to save the Democrat majority in the Senate, as they have pretty much written off the House as a lost cause. They now seek to redoubt their efforts to save the Senate, so that President Obama will have another two years to shape the federal bench. Progressive activists are fully aware they will need activist judges to rule in their favor on key issues of importance in the post-Obama years. This is why this media is going all gaga over the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s election-year stunt of attaching a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the Dream Act’s failure to get the 60 votes needed.

The MSM is now directing its phony outrage at Hispanic and gay voters in the hope they will turn out in mass in places like Nevada and California, where key Obama allies are in tough reelection fights at present.


Nightly, spin artists like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow along lesser known Black talk show radio hosts will seek to continue to fan the flames among Blacks that the Tea Party Movement seeks to take America back to the good old days of segregation by using code words such as “State Rights” and “smaller government,” to scare Blacks into the polls. They have going after Christine O’Donnell unabated because hers is a special election and she would be seated during the lame duck session of the Congress, where Democrats plan to simply ram through their most radical part of their failed agenda.

Books such as Bob Woodard’s Obama’s Wars seek to portray the tasks facing Obama White House as too complex and many for the average American Voter to simply understand since winning the election in 2008.

The MSM feels that it was they who made sure President Obama was elected, it is they who have conducted the war against Tea Party, and if it takes generating sympathy or even fear out there among a selected electorate for President Obama and the Democrats to maintain their power, then the MSM is more than willing to do that.

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