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The Enemy Within: Today's 'One Nation' Rally on the Mall


I last heard the old Soviet Union anthem as I left Moscow two weeks before the coup against Gorbachev in 1991. That pretty much marked the end of the line for the Old Left, which had invested so much in the success of “socialism in one country.”

[youtube Wkw7n9Qagu8&feature nolink]

Their children and grandchildren are with us today, marching in our own capital city and busily undermining every single institution in our nation. Their smiles don’t disguise the loathing they feel for what America is, but they do reflect their joy at what they hope she becomes.

Unfortunately for these useful idiots, malevolent fools and active seditionists, many of us remember the old USSR and what it looked like and what it smelled like. We’ve been hearing this same propaganda for decades; the only difference now is that they’re out and proud.

They sense victory. This is what victory looks like to them. This is paradise when the velvet glove comes off:

[youtube 9ZS2GthG1hQ nolink]

Think about that on Nov. 2.

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