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National Organization of W…


Jerry Brown’s campaign conspired to commit political rape, calling Meg Whitman, his female political opponent, a “whore.” And he got N.O.W.’s political endorsement for doing so. The liberal beauty mask is so off the wrinkled, geriatric, age-spotted National Organization of Whores (yes, only a woman could write that so I just did).

Yet for all the mild hand-wringing over whether the “w-word” should have been used, no one in the Make-Believe Media is even questioning N.O.W.’s endorsement much less mocking the utter hypocrisy of it all. A women’s organization rewarding a politician for calling a woman a whore and no one notices. They’re all too busy with damage control for Brown’s campaign.


Stephanie Schriock, the leader of the prominent pro-abortion group Emily’s List, ever so gently criticized Brown in a remarkably tepid and muted way, concluding that, “It’s unfortunate to hear it in any place.”

“It’s inappropriate; it’s just wrong,” said Stephanie Schriock, the leader of EMILY’S List, a Democratic group dedicated to electing pro-choice women, on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers.” Such words “just shouldn’t be used anywhere by anyone, period. It is just not what our democracy is about. It’s unfortunate to hear it in any place.”

Unfortunate?!? “Unfortunate” is when it rains on your newly washed car or you break a nail. How about “vile” or “despicable” or “reprehensible”? Get a thesaurus, Ms. Schriock.

In a refreshing example of actual reporting, the L.A. Times followed up with a lede that read “Brown or aide is heard slurring Whitman.” The Times explained that “it is unclear [from the audio] whether the ‘whore’ remark was made by another person or by Brown himself” and posted the audio on its site as source.

This sent the Make-Believe Media into a cannibalistic frenzy. Media Matters fretted over the Times‘ reporting whether Brown or his aide used the term, but studiously ignored the fact that on the tape Brown explicitly agreed with the use of the term, regardless who said it first. Media Matters criticized the L.A. Times for not sticking with its original report that a Brown staffer used the epithet because any other interpretation of the damning speech gives more political advantage to right wingers. Truth be damned. This is about perception and politics!

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty mustered only enough pique to write that calling a powerful woman adversary a whore was something “that could be interpreted as sexist” and that such “choice of words was inopportune.” Huh? That’s like saying David Duke’s rantings could be “interpreted” as racist, or perhaps just “biased.”

How do you explain such galactic disconnect? Answer: Politics for Dummies. In 1984, the media went into collective psychotic meltdown when Bush 41 commented after his debate with Geraldine Ferraro that he had “kicked a little ass,” certainly a crude “old Texas expression football expression” but not one intrinsically sexist. The Make-Believe Media has been and still is applying different rules of speech and decorum to anyone in opposition to its liberal masters.

An L.A. Times blogger mused whether Brown should apologize to Whitman. Apologize?!? How about fire the sexist staffer who suggested it, then apologize for ever entertaining the late-night misogynistic fantasy? If any man on a conservative’s campaign had called Nancy Pelosi or Mary Landrieu a “whore” over the Obamacare fiasco, the demands for his figurative career castration would have eclipsed at least two full news cycles.

Steve Lopez would argue an apology is unnecessary. “I think we can all agree that it’s inappropriate” (obligatory pandering)…. “Yeah… but she’ll sell her soul for an endorsement. If “whore” is the wrong word for that, is “hypocrite” the right one? You be the judge.” So the real outrage is over nothing more than semantics? The hypocrisy on the Left is stunning.

Speaking of selling one’s soul for an endorsement, what’s really behind the National Organization of Whores’ endorsement of Brown? Lori Ziganto explains it succinctly:

Jerry Brown isn’t alone. And it isn’t just coming from men. Alleged feminists are some of the worst offenders, spewing sexist and outright misogynistic garbage at conservative women. Because, abortion. They have grossly tied up equality and “women’s rights” with a legal ability to kill your unborn children. Killing the unborn is a cause to them and women who dare to challenge them by pointing out the vile nature of such a thing must be gender traitors or dehumanized in any way possible.

The “whore” saga exposes Brown as a crude, sexist pig. But the reaction to the event ironically exposes the Make-Believe Media’s willingness to prostitute its so-called principles for a political agenda. The Steve Lopez-types are political misogynists pimping for the Leftist agenda of Jerry Brown and the National Organization of Whores.

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