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More Women Embrace GOP Candidates? We're Not Suprised.


On Tuesday, the Washington Post had an article, “Democrats try to woo women as more embrace GOP candidates,” that further confirms that this is the year of the conservative woman and that “Mama Grizzlies,” like those featured in Fire from the Heartland, are leading the way.

One Democrat strategist in the article says, “They do not think the administration’s economic policies are working for their families, and worry about the priorities of this administration, and wonder if they get it.”

Fire From The Heartland from Citizens United on Vimeo.

That is a sentiment we’ve heard repeatedly from women at Tea Party rallies across the country and is echoed in Fire from the Heartland when cast member Michelle Moore says, “We are going to take a leading role because we are done – our children’s future is at stake.”

It is then expanded upon when Michelle Malkin says, “There is a sisterhood of Tea Party moms and activists who all share a common core steel-spined commitment to looking after their families.”

And further confirmed when Dana Loesch says, “Women realized that their involvement with politics was part of motherhood, their involvement in the national discourse about where our country was heading is about motherhood because we’re raising the next generation.”

Another pollster in the Washington Post article “credits Sarah Palin – who endorsed Ayotte in the primary – with helping shift a decades-old dynamic. Where suburban women were a core part of the Republican party in the 1960s and ’70s, they shifted to the Democratic party in the 1980s and 90s, and have been a core part of the Democratic base ever since.”

The leadership of such strong conservative women of the past like Clare Boothe Luce, Phyllis Schafly, and Margaret Thatcher, has brought forth the modern leadership of women like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, which in turn is bearing fruit in today’s female-led Tea Parties and closing the gender gap at the ballot box.

Find out more about how women are at the forefront of this movement to take back our country by watching these remarkable women in Fire from the Heartland.

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