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Media Happily Promotes 'Restore Sanity,' Shunned 'Restoring Honor'


I’ve spent much of the last two weeks on the road with the Tea Party Express anchoring the webcasting of the tour for

Nice thing is, I haven’t had time to watch much TV–everything I’ve seen lately in the news has come from the web. It’s quite refreshing.

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It’s also refreshing to see Americans come out with passion and homemade signs because they want to and because they are motivated to see their country return to Constitutional principles. Amazing stuff. As the activist old media searches these crowds for people they think are wackos and extremists, I see nothing but great Americans who love their country. If they are extreme, I am extreme and our Founders were extreme.

I understand on Saturday while we are in Columbus, Ohio, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are planning a rally for supposed middle-of-the-roaders in Washington DC. Everybody wants to be Glenn Beck, don’t they? They never will be, but bless them for trying, freedom of assembly is important to us all.

While this is billed as an event to “Restore Sanity” it will probably end up as silly and sad as Colbert’s recent appearance before Congress. Anybody see sanity in that joke played by Democrats on America?

It will be interesting to see if the media reports widely that Oprah Winfrey (Ms. Moderate herself–I believe she supported our “moderate” President) is footing the bill to get everyone in one of her audiences a free trip to the event. Gotta get ’em there somehow. Oprah will be paying airfare from anywhere in the US and two nights in a hotel room. I’m guessing Beck didn’t do that. Other notable moderates like Larry King and Arianna Huffington are also lending support for the event. This is moderate grassroots at its finest. Pay us, and we’ll carry those printed signs for you. The Washington Post touts that more than 200,000 people have signed up on Facebook to attend this event. Somebody should let the folks at the WaPo know that people sign up for events all the time on Facebook and never show up. I signed up for a bachelorette party in Las Vegas once just for fun. I never made it, had something else to do that weekend. Click. Sign up. Call Oprah and see if she’ll give you a free trip to DC. Gotta make it to the “Promoting Pabulum” rally!

Last time the Democrats (oh ya, I forgot, they are moderates) marched on DC they brought a bunch of their communists and socialist buddies with them and the activist old media either forgot to report they were there, or they just didn’t have the time to work that little fact into the story. Either way, the Dems attracted a bunch of anti-American groups and this “Restore Compliancy” rally may do the same, who knows? Who cares? Why does it matter? When you are working hard to “Restore Mediocrity” and all the brilliant middle ground that goes with it you can’t be too excited about actually standing for something.

Thank goodness our Founders never staged “Restore Averageness” rallies. Somehow I don’t see John and Sam Adams marching into Boston with printed signs asking the British to please just stop shooting Colonialists at Lexington so that they could take a poll and see where the middle ground would be on this little ol Liberty issue (BTW, historian David McCullough says the Colonialists were split, 1/3 wanting freedom, 1/3 wanting to stay with the British and 1/3 didn’t care. Thank goodness our Founders didn’t wait for a majority.)

As rallies go – I’ll take the ones I’ve been attending and reporting on through much of October.

I have met many great people and families on the road, including the Prieto family in El Paso, TX whom I spoke to during our live coverage of that event.

[youtube 6N5hiqLxNEc nolink]

A gentleman in Las Cruces, NM handed me a small American flag to keep in my pocked throughout the trip and I have done so. The flag symbolizes many great things to many people, to me that flag now symbolizes what this trip is all about and how the strength of the American people can work to restore real sanity in Washington DC. When I want sanity, I’ll look to a grass roots rally in Las Cruces or a young family in El Paso.

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