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Media Takes Black Tea Party Candidate Out of Context in Hit Piece


Stephen Broden is a candidate running for Eddie Bernice Johnson’s (D – TX) 30th District seat. He’s conservative, a man of ideas, and he happens to be black. The left, however, sees him as one thing and one thing only: an apostate. I don’t want to bore you with my childish scribble, so I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Exhibit A) The Hit Job.

Jeez, here it looks like the crazy old bag is calling for an aggressive revolution! Lock him up and put him in the Alice Cooper straitjacket. Which brings me to…

Exhibit B) The Full interview IN its proper CONTEXT.

Fast forward to 7:15 for his explanation of “revolution” and its appropriate context.

It doesn’t have to be violent at all. It could happen at the ballot box when we change out our leadership.

Wait. Here he seems completely reasonable. He’s a shifty little bugger. He even went out of his way to explain the “violence” issue here (when asked):

Q: Are you implying that if a change at the ballot box can’t be made to your satisfaction you’re urging some violent uprising or overthrow of the government?

A:No, I’m not saying to my satisfaction at all. I’m saying that if in fact we have a government who becomes destructive to the end that the Founding Fathers identified within the Declaration and that has to deal with our liberties, our unalienable rights, those rights that are given to us by our Creator, if in fact government becomes destructive to that end it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it and abolishment there means to change it, and change has to do with revolution.

Boringly logical! None of this prevented the press from smearing the man. As a matter of fact, a quick googly search brings up these mainstream-media friendly soundbites:

Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership. – NYMag


Stephen Broden, a Republican running for Congress in a Dallas, Texas district, says if the Nov. 2 election does not yield the desired change in Washington then a violent overthrow of government would be one option “on the table,” the Dallas Morning News reported. – PoliticsDaily

Wow, these quotes make the man seem Jeremiah-Wright-kind-of-crazy. If only it weren’t for that full video providing context. That just doesn’t make for good TV. But Mr. Broden seemed to know this was coming, and even addressed it in the interview.

Q: Do you think that some of your remarks could hurt you in this election, particularly with the electorate in this District?

A: If it is not given the context and if someone like you would, would lift it out and make it seem as if I am some kind of radical, I, I think it could potentially, could potentially, but I think if people are fair…

(Reporter interrupts again)

Even more troubling is the interviewer. As we hear him asking questions off camera, he does nothing but interrupt Broden’s answers as the man tries to articulate his views unless they fall into the sexy soundbite column.

I would usually argue that this is because of the blatant liberal bias that plagues the media industry, or the sickness of increasingly sensationalized news. Instead I’ll tear a page from the leftist handbook and say nothing more than…

It’s because he’s black.

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