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The Violent (and Drunken) Truth Behind 'Restoring Sanity!'


After my appearance on “Geraldo” this weekend, lefties have been demanding that I provide video evidence of unruly activity at this weekend’s “Restore Sanity” rally. It’s cute. They think they’re calling my bluff. They’re like Rudy: they’re so little, but they try so big. The truth is that there were more incidents that had occurred, but to protect the privacy of innocent people involved, they could not be included in the piece. So hopefully the mild assault, myriad vulgarities and attempted theft should suffice!

[youtube YzJ9DQZrxvA nolink]

I think the perfect embodiment of this video, is the Conservative dame’s reaction to a young, liberal, hipster stealing her energy drink. “That was mine sir. Please don’t steal. Thank you.” Being polite to thieves? Insanity makes a comeback!

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