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Seriously Steve, This Is All You've Got?


Steve Kroft got to sit down with the leader of the free world for a “60 Minutes” broadcast that aired Sunday night.


What a waste.

Sponge Bob Steve. Soaked it all up like a true champion of the activist old media. How ’bout when Dear Leader said, “These things are hard to do, this is uh, uh, a, a big country,” why didn’t you counter with something like, “Man up, Mr. President – did you not know this was a tough job and that yes, this is actually a very big country, especially when you count Alaska (which is one of the 57 states). Boo hoo. The job is hard and the country is big and people out there don’t really appreciate how brilliant Barack Obama is.

Which brings us to his excuse for losing the last election. Twice Obama intonated that the reason he got pounded during the election was that he just wasn’t clear enough with the people about how brilliant he is and about how hard he was working to take over America. We just don’t get it. Oh, Obama said it was his fault for not communicating properly, but clearly when you are as smart as he knows he is, he is blaming us for not getting it. Kroft sat silent. Not sure if he got it.

Kroft asked Obama if he was going to “pivot to the middle,” after this last election. He settled for a non-answer from Dear Leader, never following up by demanding to hear Obama’s direction for the future. It might have been nice to get that answer. Obama did say he was going to “reach out to Republicans.” Kroft’s question then was brilliantly naïve. “Have you tried that?” queried Kroft. Steve – where have you been the last two years? You know whether he has tried that or not, and he has not. Seriously, were you not following the closed door, 100% Democrat sessions on the Obamacare bill? Obama’s answer to reaching out to Republicans was, “I have, but, uh, I’m gonna keep on trying.” To that, reporter Kroft came back with, “But so far the Republicans aren’t showing much interest.” So, let me get this straight. Republicans get ripped for not showing much interest in meeting with Obama, even though they are not even in power yet, and Obama gets a pass for shutting them out for two years. Hummmm. Soak it up there, Steve.

Bottom line, the activist old media is working hard out there right now to create an environment where Republicans must cooperate with Obama, not the other way around. You can hear it everywhere, not just on “60 Minutes.” The media is trying to put the victors in the election on the run and on the defensive.

Obama said extending the Bush tax cuts would cost the Feds 700 billion over 10 years. When Obama gave that figure Kroft quickly soaked it up and asked, “That’s how much it is?” Instead of pointing out that it’s the people’s money, not the governments, so to say it “cost” the government when they don’t take our money from us is sheer lunacy. Also, did Kroft not study the JKF, Reagan and Bush 43 tax cuts to see how they actually helped bring in more money for the Feds? It might have been a great time to bring that up there, Steve.

Obama also complained about “partisanship and bickering,” Steve, did you not hear Obama call Republicans his “enemies” in that interview with Univision? It might have been nice for you to bring that up, unless you never heard him say that, or unless you wanted to “cover” for him. Either way, keep soaking it up there, Steve. Obama has talked back his “enemies” comment and the media has been complicit in helping him do so.

Then, Obama showed his Cold Hearted Social Engineer hand and Kroft didn’t even notice it. He sat motionless (at least that’s how the interview was edited) as Obama said,

“If what we’re concerned about is how we can grow the economy, there are more efficient way to re-circulate dollars out there and get people to spend.”

Yes, Mr. President, we are concerned about growing the economy and what, pray tell, is more efficient than the free enterprise system? Did you have another system in mind to “spread the wealth?” I would’ve loved to have heard a Kroft follow-up to that amazing statement, but we never got one. Probably didn’t have enough time.

Perhaps the only gem coming out of Sunday’s interview was the shot that Obama took at Mitt Romney, without naming him, but he brought up healthcare in Massachusetts. Seems like Obama is already planning for the 2012 election and perhaps he thinks Romney would be his toughest opponent. Why else would he take a shot at a former governor who holds no public office? It would’ve been fun if Kroft pointed out to Mr. Obama that it is Constitutional for a state to do its own healthcare, but not Constitutional for the federal government to do so. I guess it didn’t cross his mind. The Constitution doesn’t get brought up much by the media. Somebody might think they’re a “Tea Partier.”

But, overall, pretty much a waste of 40 minutes on Sunday evening, but I did get a lot out of the interview with boxer Manny Pacquiao that followed. I’ve interviewed Manny before, we’ve talked politics. It’s nice to hear a great story about a left-handed guy who wants to be president, but genuinely understands that it’s the will of the people that matters most.

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