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Politico's Smear Of Allen West: Only Liberal Minorities Are Off-Limits


One would think that progressives, whose favorite pastime is patting each other on the backs for how “post-racial” they are, would be gratified to see African-Americans of all political stripes gaining a voice throughout the political spectrum.

Certainly, the election of two Black Republicans to Congress should be a welcome sign of advancement to the self-described chaperones of minority interests, especially since Allen West and Tim Scott were elected in the Deep South (Florida and South Carolina respectively). But as they continue to demonstrate again and again, the far left’s pining for “diversity” ends where political thought begins. Consider Politico‘s recent attempt to smear West, a retired Army Colonel, as a right-wing version of the despicable and shameless Alan Grayson.

As Warner Todd Huston so thoroughly demonstrated, when we lay side-by-side each man’s story, style and substance, that nexus is utterly preposterous. So what’s Politico‘s real beef with the representative-elect then? West has committed the cardinal sin in the eyes of the “tolerant” elite. He dares to be an African-American and a conservative who, heaven forbid, even finds kindred spirits in the Tea Party movement!

For well over a year, Tea Partiers had to endure countless unfounded accusations of racism hurled at them from the left-wing media because of their opposition to intrusive government as personified in the policy shifts initiated forcefully against the will of the majority of Americans by President Obama…who happens to be Black. As I wrote recently on this page, the far left is so enamored with its own brilliance that they cannot conceive of anyone opposing their agenda on a rational, intellectual basis and thus do they search for more baser motivations behind the opposition to the White House’s policies which seem so reasonable to them. As no one manages to see etnnicity behind every issue more than does a “color-blind” liberal, the only explanation they can possibly accept for opposition to their beloved messiah Barack Obama is antipathy towards his race.

But what are they to do when an African-American politician defies their definition of who is a “true” Black man and actually sides with those despised Tea Party neanderthals on the issues of the day?

Do they “celebrate diversity” as I see in those oh-so-happy signs posted all over my kids’ schools? Do they laud the progress of minorities about whom they care so much? Gosh no! You see, Allen West is dangerous to them because he belies the mythical narrative they have carefully constructed since the 1960s that one’s bona fide “Blackness” is not found in the color of their skin, but rather in their level of allegiance to the Democratic party. And so they attack, they smear, they try to marginalize.

And fear not, for none of the so-called Black community leaders, be they the NAACP, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, or even the Congressional Black Caucus (which as of this writing has yet to congratulate West on his win) will call the liberal attackers out as racists because, well, Allen West isn’t a real Black man so it’s ok. The crucifixion of Clarence Thomas set the unstated rule that only minorities who harbor liberal sentiments are sacrosanct. But should a conservative site call, say, Maxine Waters to task, guess who whips out the race card faster than a Vegas dealer at a hot black jack table!

Honestly people. Isn’t it time the left just finally admit what most Americans (of whom twice as many now describe themselves as conservative over liberal) already figured out a long time ago? That so-called progressives are driven solely by an allegiance to a discredited ideology that gets rebuked time and again, either at the ballot box or in the course of global events, and thus should they stop even pretending to care about the advancement of any race or ethnicity unless it coincides with their own selfish aims.

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