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Why Is Media's #1 Black Leader Al Sharpton Afraid to Debate Mychal Massie?


The American Public has come to know firebrand Reverend Al Sharpton as the #1Black Leader in the media.

Sharpton has billed himself as the voice of fairness, balance and authority, when it comes to the issues racial injustice in the Black Community, while boasting he is unafraid to debate anyone about the merits, yet unknown to many Al Sharpton is actually afraid to debate one man and that man happens to be Project21’s Chairman Mychal Massie.

Massie has put out several calls and letters to debate Sharpton on the issues of race relations, big activist government and the tea party movement, yet Sharpton and a whole host of other self-appointed Black Leaders are either unwilling or unable to debate the issues, yet they are willing to hide behind members of the press, who will allow them to filibuster and control as well as edit the segments in their favor.

I believe like many in the media Sharpton is simply afraid he would be unable to think on his feet and present his arguments logically against an Intelligent Conservative of Color, thus he would rather pretend that Massie does not exist.

Conservatives of Color such as Massie, myself and others have found themselves blackballed by members of the Mainstream Media because they allow persons and front groups like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Joe Madison, Walter Fauntroy, the NAACP and National Urban League to poison the airwaves with the myth that all persons of color are monolith in thinking as his recent attacks on Congressmen-Elect Scott and West recently shows.

With his daily radio show and media appearances Sharpton bills himself as authority on and within the Black Community, like many of the other self-appointed Black Leaders and Activists. Sharpton is aware that if he does in fact debates Massie and has his assets handed to him, that he will see media opportunities dry up, his political friends will stop calling and another new voice of color will emerge in this post-racial Obama Era.

Like many in the media Sharpton is a coward, who is simply trying to protect his turf and pockets.

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