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Ed Schultz Wants To Silence Rush Limbaugh Due To Professional Envy


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz wants to silence Rush Limbaugh for being accurate in his assessments of the infighting for the # 2 position within the Congressional Democrat Caucus.

Schultz even went as far as to accuse Limbaugh of racism for pointing out that Congressional Democrats would seek a compromise before their infighting became too public by simply create a completely photo-op position for James Clyburn D-SC. Schultz sought to give his ranting and raving legitimately by inviting the likes of Al Sharpton and Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee, to attack Limbaugh’s often humorous assessment of the whole thing.

Limbaugh was completely on point when it came to the fact that Clyburn would be appointed to some made-up position within the leadership caucus to give Americans the allusion that the Democrats are still diverse in their make up after the Tea Party Movement propelled a record number of minority candidates to local, state and federal offices during the midterm election.

Schultz’s call for a return to decency has nothing to do with the political assessments of Limbaugh, but the fact that he can’t compete with the likes of Limbaugh, whose listenership dwarfs that of Schultz’s little known radio show and MSNBC show combined, so of course he is going promote the involvement of government in for-profit radio. Schultz’s tactics are directly out of the George Soros/Media Matters playbook, which has called for using charges such as “racism” to garner and sway public opinion in favor of a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine. Schultz must live with the reality that Limbaugh was right in his assessment of the Congressional Democrat Leadership.

Schultz is simply bitter because actual success within television and radio has eluded him for a number of years, so now he must depend on the power of government to silence who have opposing opinions and have found success over the years in the world of for profit radio such as Rush Limbaugh and no level of name calling, phony outrage and trumped up charges will change that.

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