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Old Media vs. New Media, "Chicago Style"


No matter what you call the mainstream media (the “old media,” the “state-run media,” etc.), it has to be admitted that those who comprise it have a vested interest in preserving an outdated, and dangerous, liberal establishment in this country. To that end, members of the mainstream media not only present the news in half-truths that make conservatism and conservatives look bad, they also do (and say) whatever they have to do in order to make liberals look good.

In this way, they have actually become an extension of the liberal-most portions of the Democrat Party.

For example, just think of how they vilified Republican candidates Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Joe Miller in Alaska during last the recent elections. Because both candidates were true conservatives, the media was quick to pounce on them and prove them unfit for office, in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting them.

On the other hand, think about how members of the mainstream media are now carrying water for Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel: a liberal candidate who may not even be a legal resident of Chicago and who, while serving as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, may have pushed for the passage of Stimulus legislation in order to increase his own personal wealth.

Although both these issues – Emanuel’s residency and the possibility that he pushed for legislation that enriched himself at taxpayers’ expense – ought to be front and center on the mind’s of the reporters interviewing the candidate, not only are the questions not being asked by the mainstream media, but conservatives who dare ask the questions actually find themselves threatened by political hacks in the mainstream media.

For example, as Emanuel walked through Chicago’s Grand Park fielding questions from reporters on October 13th, William Kelly, a conservative commentator and host of “The Kelly Truth Squad” (on Chicago’s WIND-AM 560), approached him and asked about both his residency and the real purpose behind the Stimulus legislation. Not only did Emanuel refuse to answer Kelly’s questions, but ABC 7’s News Anchor Charles Thomas, a bona fide member of the mainstream media, actually told Kelly to “go away.”

When Kelly refused to either go away or quit asking the questions (questions which were described as “politically pointed” by the Huffington Post), Jay Levine, another reporter for the mainstream media, shouted at Kelly: “Let [Emanuel] finish or I’m gonna deck you.”

Since that exchange, Kelly has charged Levine with assault, only to have a judge throw the charges out, but Emanuel still hasn’t been forced to explain his residency issues or how much profit he presumably made off the Stimulus package. To be honest, Emanuel knows he will probably never have to answer for these things because he has the unending loyalty of the mainstream media.

Said FOX NEWS’ Megyn Kelly (no relation to William Kelly): “Reporters like CBS anchor Jay Levine and ABC’s Charlie Thomas give people like Rahm Emanuel a pass. …That is their bias. That is why journalism is dead. That is the Chicago way.”

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