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Media Demands That President Obama Start "Acting Black"


Some of the same members of the media, who once sold us on the idea of President Obama being a post racial and post partisan President more than two years ago, are demanding that he gets tougher with his political opponents or in their words, “act black” in order to save his presidency.

The left is now embittered because the card house that is Obama has crashed in upon itself, leaving him no other choice, but to comprise with congressional republicans in order to avoid gridlock and move forward on his agenda.

Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and others are demanding that he get tough and refuse to work with congressional Republicans after the American public soured on the direction of the nation under his Presidency along with a Democratic Congress. Bill Maher wants to see the CEOs of major corporations such as BP bullied into subjugation by Obama and quoted as saying at the height of the Gulf oil spill, “That Obama needed to start acting black” by calling in the head of BP into the Oval Office and brandishing a pistol and swearing at him in order to speed up the pace of the cleanup efforts.

[youtube Vs1kMDzec4Y nolink]

This idea of Obama, “acting black,” by passing himself off as a common street thug turned President in the need brandishing pistols and swearing people. I guess this means that any opposition better go along to get along or catch some lead flying in their direction at the end of the day. Indeed this is a very forward concept from a group people that labels themselves, “progressives.”

How would the MSM react, if a conservative called upon a republican president to start “acting white, brandish a 12 gauge shotgun and swearing at his progressive political opponents” in the wake of a Congressional Midterm Defeat? The MSM would not be able contain itself or get Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of the gate fast enough and speaking of which were does Al Sharpton stand on this issue? He seems more than willing to go after Rush Limbaugh for comedy parodies of Obama and Congressmen James Clyburn, but has yet to take progressives to task for parroting stereotypes about black men in executive positions needing to use criminal intent to get things done!

It seems that in this era of a post-racial and partisan President that the media and progressive activists seem to keep pushing the skin color aspect of this man to explain his failures as a executive and my opinion has nothing to do with me being black or conservative, it has to do with me being an American.

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