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Pain At The Pump, Where's The Media?


Oh, the activists in the old media commit sins of omission and sins of commission, sometimes both in the same story.

Take those pesky little ol gas prices that have now skyrocketed to more than $3.00 a gallon. For months the media had just omitted the story altogether like they hadn’t even noticed, while during the Bush administration they couldn’t stop doing stories on “Pain At The Pump” and they worked overtime to point the nozzle directly at the White House.

Here are a couple of examples, there are many others.

This story from 2006 on MSNBC blasts Bush for doing little to stop the rising gas prices.

This story from 2008 talks about how Bush and Evil Big Oil were conspiring against us all to raise prices and how Dear Leader Obama was going to come in and save us all from high gas prices and our dependence on foreign oil.


The media has finally figured out that gas prices are going up, but most stories in 2010 that deal with Pain At The Pump ignore Obama like they don’t even know he’s president. Mr. Teflon can’t be touched by this messy little inflation thing going on right now (of course, it’s not just gas prices either.)

When Obama entered the White House gas prices averaged $1.81 per gallon. Evil Bush/Oil must’ve done something to make those prices fall – but there’s no time in the 10 hours a day that local TV stations do in their newscasts to mention this little fact. They’re out of space in the New York Times to provide context for this story.

Of course, Obama’s reaction has been to close off-shore drilling and restrict more US land to drilling. The Bush actions of allowing more drilling and increasing US independence led to those low prices of 2008. Yes, policies in the White House can make a difference and are making a difference today to the rising prices.

Gas prices have nearly doubled under Barack Obama, meanwhile the media watches from the sidelines and complains without pointing out where this problem lies. Do you think they don’t know, or do you think they are protecting Dear Leader?

Just for the record, in June 2008 Obama said that he had no problem with higher gas prices, just that they had to rise with a “gradual adjustment.”

Welcome to Obama’s America and the gradual adjustment of gas prices. Things seem to be right on schedule for this president and the activist old media acts sits there and wonders why all of this is happening. Poor Obama having to have to deal with this, I’m sure he’s working hard to help the average American family. I heard him say so in his last speech.

Fill ‘er up!

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