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MSNBC's Keith Olbermann serves as snarling attack dog for G.E. Interest in manufactured hit piece on high speed rail projects


MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann recently did a hit piece called “Not Working on the Railroad” on 2 Republican Governor Elects in Ohio and Wisconsin canceling high speed rail projects in their respective states.

Oblermann rants about high speed rail

Olbermann seemed to reserve his most vicious venom for Wisconsin’s Governor Elect Scott Walker, who happened to be endorsed by the Tea Party Movement and even invited the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson in on the act, but nowhere in their ranting and raving was the conflict of interest even mentioned or admitted to.

You might be asking, “What conflict of interest do you speak of Kevin?” Well having taking a few high speed trains during my time, I decided to do a little research into MSNBC’s Parent Company, General Electric to see if there was in fact a conflict of interest as I suspected and after some digging the results proved me to be right. G.E.’s Transportation Wing did have a stake in Wisconsin’s High Speed Rail Project as it has in many other high speed rail projects around the nation. GE Transport would provide parts and technical support for Spanish High Speed Railcar Manufacturer, “TALGO” who would have built their cars in Wisconsin.

Since the election of President Obama, it seems the corporate suits at G.E. have used the Leftist Hosts of its MSNBC Wing to attack those who question any aspects of these supposed Green Energy Projects as General Electric has invested much time and money publicly.

Here is some of my research I have found online:

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