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Where Are the Stories On the Death of the Democrat Party?


November 2nd was not a pendulum swing, it was the beginning of a movement.

The activist old media and their Democrat friends act like this is just another fad that will come and go quickly—just like they saw in 2008 with their Dear Leader elected as President. Since they saw the rise and fall happen to them, then it must happen to us. Oh, their inability to see themselves is always entertaining.

When Republicans lost in 2008 there were stories everywhere about the Death of the Republican Party. The one in Time Magazine was most enjoyable. While this article talks about the possibility of a comeback, Michael Grunwald can’t mention often enough that Republicans are an “endangered species” and even calling them the Donner Party. Who’s eating their own now?

Republicans went more conservative as a party and just completed perhaps the most amazing sweep of this nation in our lifetimes. 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats, 12 Governorships and nearly 700 State seats went Red in 2010. While repeating those numbers seems unlikely in 2012 (we’re just looking mainly at that Top Spot and a bunch of those Senate seats up for grabs), few honest observers could doubt this move to the right will continue.

Check out those census numbers. Americans are moving to more conservative states. Hummmmm. I wonder why that is? Americans are moving to more Liberty lovin’, low tax states. We can do that, states are the laboratories of Liberty. Our Founders devised this rather brilliant, heavenly inspired plan that allowed for states to compete with each other. This was a remarkable experiment, never tried to this degree before or since. If you don’t like tax rates in NY you move to NJ. If you don’t like the loony liberalism of California, check out Nevada. Create a nation with states that have power to govern and let the Federal government protect from foreign invasion. Of course, that plan has gone way south, but that’s a large part of the reason we are where we are today in this nation. We’ve spent the last 100 years moving away from our Founders game plan and most of the people in this nation want us to sprint back towards the inspired principles they devised.

So, I ask, where are the stories on the death of the Democrat Party in America? I did find one story from the Democrat Underground, an extreme leftist site that moans over Democrats supposedly meeting Republicans in the middle on issues.

If you look closely, very closely, you will also find stories from the Communist Party about how they want to “capture the Democrat Party” as their own. I don’t expect the activist old media to see what has happened to their beloved political party, but they did seem rather quick to declare the Republican Party as dead and that the Tea Party would render both itself and the Republicans irrelevant. They worked very hard to that end.

Who’s looking irrelevant now?

This celebration by the right is not based in momentary bravado, but in a desire to continue this move towards fiscal responsibility and Constitutional principles. Everybody wants to search for that beloved “middle ground” in America, so okay, I’ll go there with you, let’s find that middle ground. Our middle ground is our Founding Documents. As Americans, that is our middle ground. Join me there and let’s talk. That’s all the Tea Party has ever wanted. If you don’t get it, you can read their signs. They are in English and not hard to understand.

With the Conservative Wave sweeping this great nation and the census number showing a major shift to Red states it is clear what is happening right before everybody’s eyes. The activist old media is always the last to see it—or at least the last to tell us that they see it. Defeat is always hard for them to admit.

If Democrats don’t see it, then so be it. November 6, 2012 is coming.

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