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Christmas Day Burqa Bomber Flies Under News Radar


Just in time for Christmas, Muslim terrorists deployed a new weapon: the Burqa.

But few in the American Make-Believe Media seem impressed. In fact, coverage of the Burqa Bomber by Reuters and CBS News was dwarfed by that of traditional media giants Tehran Times and Malaysia Sun.

Yes, this little story apparently has no legs, journalistically speaking – female and child suicide terrorists are so yesterday. Where it was buried (such as NY Times and Bloomberg’s Business section), reporting centered on the gender of the attacker and the interruption in food distribution at the UN food center — with only passing mention of what she was wearing. How fashionably gauche!

No, this is not a terrorist fashion commentary. What’s missing in the paucity of reporting or news commentary is the inevitable twist on terrorism. A burqa is purposefully an identity tent, obscuring the wearer’s body, face and hair, revealing only the eyes. Originally meant to shield women from lecherous Muslim men, it now serves officially as a weapon of war.

What does the Burqa Bomber reveal? TaliWacker Muslim cowards are now getting so desperate they’ll wire up women to do their dirty work. This time it was a successful slaughter at a UN food distribution. Next time, will radical imams authorize the use of burqas, perhaps by men, to destroy the fashionably correct infidels?

And yet, throughout airports in Obama’s America, “profiling” remains banned in favor of shampoo sniffing, so pulling burqa borne babes out of TSA lines will still draw ACLU/CAIR legal fire. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for TSA Big Sis Napolitano’s response to CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) special exemption request to protect their delicate flowers of femininity from TSA gropers and ElectroNudie-scans. And, after this holiday season’s hand wringing over airport screening and security, shouldn’t the dialogue expand to include, perhaps, the blatantly obvious?

Meanwhile, my only other question is: does the Christmas Burqa Bomber get 72 Muslim boys in heaven … or maybe just a night off from their dysfunctional husbands? In that answer may lie the true motivation of Taliban women jihadists.

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