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Yeeeeee Hawwwww! Prices Are Going Up For The New Year!


The excitement from ABC’S Good Morning America could hardly be contained. Oh, it started out on a somber note about the price of everything going up in 2011. Populist concern showed on Robin Roberts face as she said, “The former head of Shell Oil said gas prices may hit $5.00.” She continued to say that the cost of just about everything will be going up.

Hummmm. Where have I been hearing that?

I believe Rush Limbaugh mentioned this a year or two ago. It’s been hard to watch a day of Glenn Beck without him preaching that inflation is going to smack us silly soon and we had all better be prepared. How could they have possibly been so brilliant as to know this? In fact, how could anybody not have predicted this when you look at Dear Leaders economic policies?

The big difference is, Limbaugh and Beck (and other conservatives) have told us why this is happening, ABC, and for the most part, the rest of the activist old media mention inflation without stating the cause, and in fact, in this case, they even said it was a good thing!

“If we look at the big picture, it means the economy is doing better,” smirked Roberts. At that point I was thinking swear words as I watched the segment (my daughter was in the room.) Her “expert” guest, Farnoosh Tarobi responsed “It’s an interesting story at a grand level, you know you’re looking at the economy, GDP is getting revised upward, retail spending, we had one of the greatest holiday spending seasons in history, so all of that is good for corporate profits, it’s good for the job market potentially, but unfortunately it means that prices are going to go up because we can afford more.”

Who can afford more? You and Robin Roberts? Were you talking about yourselves personally there? You sure as hell were not talking about the American people. Have you noticed 10% unemployment and another 30-40% underemployed, and those who do have jobs are making less and less all the time and—as you said, prices are going up and up. Yeeeeeee Hawwwww! BTW, this is the kind of garbage that happens in Banana Republics. Which reminds me, have you seen the price of clothes lately?

So the same media that promised they would protect us from every “disaster” they created in order to keep us watching the next newscast has now sided with the elitists and their Dear Leader in the White House to keep us broke. Broker. Brokerist.

To those on the left it may have felt like the “Ralphie” moment in A Christmas Story when he found out that the Ovaltine “gift” he had gotten in the mail was just a “stinkin’ commercial.” What, my Great Protectors in the activist old media have sided with the Machine that is keeping me down? What happened to the angle to this story that minorities and women will be hardest hit by this inflation? I was actually hoping to see that.

Of course, a freshman econ student could tell you why prices are going up. Obama policies have printed trillions of dollars we don’t have and Dear Leaders policy of allowing less drilling has increased the price of gas. Bingo. I guess Robin and Farnoosh didn’t have time to explain why this is happening. They were too busy fawning over how this is a good thing.

Happy New Year!

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