… Meanwhile, President Obama is in Hawaii.

Where are the obvious transitions, the segues that TV news loves so much?

I’ve seen them so strained that while anchoring a newscast I once refused to read a segue that went from Thanksgiving dinner to a double fatal car accident. It went something like this, “One local family will not be enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner because they were killed while driving south on I-15.” Yes — not this year’s dinner, or next year’s or the year after. Producers in newsrooms consider it an art to be able to tie stories together so that the viewers can feel the “flow” of a newscast. Many producers take great delight in being able to tie stories together that have no natural tie. Yes, we have all seen new anchors strain at trying to tie stories together.

Now the strain is to totally ignore the perfect segue.

I’ve been waiting patiently to see one of the net’s do this Blizzard Of 2010 story and follow it with …” Meanwhile, President Obama is in Hawaii playing his 4th or 5th round of golf during his vacation.” Hummmmm. Haven’t seen that yet. Good Morning America had both the snow story and an Obama story in their opening segment on Monday, but they painfully put a story about stolen fertility eggs between Storm Watch2010 and Obama’s support of Michael Vick. A natural transition lost, or intentionally avoided. Do not believe things like this happen by accident. Placement of stories are carefully considered to give a newscast the flow that they so badly want. In this case, flow was ignored to protect Dear Leader.

The same media that blasted George W. Bush every time there was a wildfire out west, is giving full cover for Obama who is either body surfing in the bay or lining up a 15 foot putt while Americans from the mid-west to the east coast are slip sliding away and hoping they can dig out by spring.

This kind of bias is the most difficult to prove and thus the toughest to spot, but you know it when you see it (or don’t see it.)

In Katrina 2005 the media worked non-stop to pin this disaster on Bush. Local officials were given initial cover while Bush was blamed for not handing out water to people at the Superdome. Thanks to Katrina the activist old media perpetuated one of its favorite mantras, “Federal government can solve all of our problems.” Of course, pointing out that Bush did not respond quickly enough in their minds killed two snow banks with one plow. It bashed their Most Hated President Ever and it let Americans know that the Federal government’s job is to save you from local disasters. In the long run, the later is the most damaging. Mission accomplished!

Hey, where’s Kanye West saying Obama doesn’t care about East Coasters? The media already missed the floods in Nashville and gave Dear Leader a pass on that, I think we can conclude there is a double-standard here. Huh, imagine that? Activist old media treating a Republican President one way, their Democrat President another way. Who would’ve thunk it?

Okay, fast forward to today, where is Obama during “2010 America Climate Change Disaster?” They don’t have time to get that in, but ABC did have time to blast New Jersey Governor Chris Christie whom they said was with his family in Florida.

“Christie was nowhere to be found. Christie a rising star in the Republican Party was at Disneyworld,” said Sharon Alfonse during a story on the “Politics of Snow” Tuesday morning. Obama was not mentioned during the story. Not even to say he had a tee time or was eating fast food in 80 degree sunshine.

Now, let me say this, I believe it is local official’s responsibility to deal with issues like these, large and small. They are the best equipped to deal with disasters for all the reasons rational people can figure out on their own. But, we all saw the activist old media’s reporting on issues like these during the Bush administration. Blast Bush early and often whenever a natural disaster occurs and hold him accountable for everything from Katrina to a fire in your neighborhood.

Imagine the stories if Bush were golfing in Hawaii during this East Coast Blizzard 2010? Transitions would be constantly heard on the evening news, and after reporting on Winter Whiteout 2010, it would go something like this; “…while America is digging out of two feet of crippling snow that has led to the death of dozens, President Bush is on vacation enjoying dinner in the warmth and comfort of his holiday home in Hawaii with another tee time scheduled for tomorrow.” The anchors would look at each other in disgust and refer to the people who are not being helped by their Commander in Chief. They would also talk about how the National Guard would love to be there and help, but they are busy fighting Bush’s Useless Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh, they would take this to the next level. They would demand response from Bush with stand-ups outside the Hawaii vacation home with palm trees swaying and soft breezes blowing. If they couldn’t corner Bush on the tee-box they’d badger Cheney, Rove, or a Presidential Spokesman. “What are you going to do to help the people of New York who are freezing and dying?” Don’t doubt me on this. Your memory does not have to be very good to remember how Bush was treated during similar times.

It’s quite unfortunate the activist old media has not thought of this marvelous transition that they could easily make from one story to the next. If they need some help on writing them, just dig out those old scripts from the Evil Bush Era. They are still in your computer. Change the name, change the disaster and you’ll have the beautiful transition that you so lust over to create the perfect flow in a newscast. But, you’d probably not have time to fit it in…Lindsay Lohan had another meltdown.


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