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Maddening Rhetoric


This was a madman.

The activist old media will work overtime to lay the blame for the tragic shooting in Arizona yesterday at the feet of conservatives because that is the only template they have. They will ignore the facts of the case and they will pull out their Oklahoma City Bombing playbook.

The blood was wiped up from the scene before Keith Olbermann and others began blasting conservatives. It’s both predictable and reprehensible for Olbermann to try to make political hay out of this, and do it before we know so few of the facts in the case.

This we do know about the alleged shooter, Jared Loughner. He is 22 years old and listed the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest as his favorite books. He is everywhere and nowhere. He abhorred the government’s fiscal policies of not backing our currency with gold. He said he did not believe in God. His rantings about supposed “mind control” by the government are those of somebody mentally deranged. He burns a US flag in one of his videos. From this, the left will “cherry pick” Loughner’s political profile and plug him into their template as a right wing radical inspired by their political opponets. They are doing this already.

I will agree with Olbermann that this was clearly an act of terrorism, so was last year’s Ft. Hood shooting. Olbermann has yet to call that shooting that left 13 dead and dozens injured, terrorism. He refuses to do that for political reasons, but in less than 12 hours after this tragic shooting he is ever so quick to attack his political enemies and blame them for the shooting.

The same people who try to tell us violent scenes in movies or in video games cannot be blamed for violent acts upon society, are now telling us that talk on issues naturally leads to violence against politicians.

Those who are the first to say the rhetoric is to blame are the first to ramp up the rhetoric.

While President Obama complained about the ramped up rhetoric, it was Obama himself who said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” He said it a few times at different locations. I challenge you to count on one finger how many times the activist old media brings up that quote this week.

Both sides of the political spectrum use metaphors denoting anger towards the other to get their point across. “We need to fight for the homeless,” does not mean that somebody is going to punch somebody out to get food to the shelter. We are more intelligent than that. I’m no fan of the vitriol on both sides and some of the worst offenses have come from Olbermann and his network, but the same people calling for cooler heads to prevail right now have quickly lost their minds and over reacted to fit their political purpose.

Last week Gabrielle Giffords read the First amendment from the floor of the House, freedom of speech. As she fights for her life we are being told by some on the left that that speech caused this senseless disaster and thus must be curtailed.

Every society has madmen who do horrible things. 6 people are dead, 12 injured because a deranged lunatic carried out something that seemed to be a demented delusion of his. It became very real in the lives of those who must rebuild in the wake of this horror. Prayers for those affected are what are needed right now, not selfish rhetoric by those who would use this tragedy to fulfill their own political agenda.

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