Campaign 2012 Funeral Rally: We Compare, You Decide

Exact same color scheme, exact same font, which I would imagine is proprietary. If you’re still skeptical, allow the Reverend Jackson to demonstrate:

Ok I lied in the title. I’m going to decide this one. Both the color scheme and the font on the shirts are exactly identical to those of Obama’s campaign materials, and the slogan on the shirts came straight from the Organizing for America website – I don’t see how serious people can doubt at this point that either Organizing for America or the Democratic Party was either involved in or entirely responsible for the creation of these shirts. Some coincidences are way to coincidental. If it looks like hope’n’change and quacks like hope’n’change, it came straight out of David Axelrod’s back room.

What we had in Tucson was yet another attempt by the usual suspects to elevate President Obama to messianic status. Yet another attempt by the Democrat/Obama coalition to exploit public emotion and grief to override intellect. What’s more insulting to the nation’s intelligence is the national media’s efforts to deflect all responsibility for the appalling atmosphere of commercialization and exploitation away from the President and onto the University of Arizona. It’s palace guarding at its worst.

On the issue of the shirts, Jake Tapper even has a name he’s using to deride anyone who doubts that the university made the shirts entirely on their own without the President’s people knowing:

It’s one thing to offer praise for the positives and to refrain from excessive criticism, but don’t tell us our eyes are lying. Don’t tell us the Whitehouse just dropped him unsuspectingly into a horribly conceived funeral campaign rally the University of Arizona just up and decided to throw for him, complete with souvenirs and concession stands.

It insults our intelligence.

And frankly if Team Obama actually went into this event without advising or consulting organizers on the tenor, souvenirs, and so on, they should still get just about as much of the blame.

I’ll leave you with a great clip of Limbaugh recollecting infamous Democratic Funerals:

[youtube qoEItZtht34 nolink]

Here is the clip from the 90’s he’s talking about in the first portion.

I’ll also leave you with something Jim Hoft discovered for contemplation. Close captioning, prompts for applause … or did it serve as both?